Tuesday at Two (May 14th)

After a very cool spell, with lots of rain, the garden is looking lush and healthy. Two iris flowers have opened, but the big red peony buds still haven’t braved the cold nights and unfurled. Maybe it will warm up enough for them in the next few days…


The Ice Saints (days in the middle of May when we very often get a cold snap) are nearly over – the last one, Cold Sophie, is tomorrow night. I can sow my last seeds soon!


32 thoughts on “Tuesday at Two (May 14th)

  1. Ice Saints sounds scary. Our May this year is not warm in fact I shivered when I first got into bed last night, but already the ground is really warm when I put my hands into it. Christina

    • I put my tomatoes out, as we’d had night time temperatures of 11 to 15 degrees… hope they survive the chill, even if there’s no frost it is still chilly for many plants.

    • The surrounding hills are also looking so lush and green! Our forecast is for 24 degrees tomorrow… Hope you get some warm sun soon too, Sarah. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Cathy, your view is so lush and vivid. I too am waiting on the peony buds to open. It’s been very cool here as well, down to 40F last night, but warming up into the 80s later in the week. That should encourage the peonies it’s ok to bloom. Enjoyed reading about the Ice Saints today. Susie

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