My “Lawn”

When looking at my Tuesday Views, it is clear that we have a large expanse to mow…


However, it is not just grass. In fact, in places there is barely any grass, and in winter a lot of it is actually moss… here are some pictures of what’s really down there!

(Click on any picture to open the gallery)

The Moon Daisies are just starting to flower too!

What’s in YOUR lawn?

40 thoughts on “My “Lawn”

  1. I don’t like to look too closely at our ‘lawn’ – it’s not so much grass as a mixture of moss, clover and dandelions. Your lawn looks beautiful close up.

  2. Well, the grass will not grow where the sun does not shine:) ! Yup, have almost the whole of my backyard growing moss in winter!! I have similar daisies, which we call ‘seaside daisies’ edging many of my garden beds and going wild [another family obviously with Bayern being as landlocked as it is!]. Nothing wrong with your lawn: how many people have nothing green outside their home at all . . .

    • Yes, they love the bugle – we have loads in the front area. But fewer bees than normal. I think the cool damp weather has lasted too long – we need some warmth!

  3. I don’t have a lawn; the climate is completely wrong here, there is grass under the olives and that is full of wild flowers, in summer it is completely dry and brown. You have some lovely flowers in yours, and you’re right it doesn’t show on your ‘view on Tuesday’. Christina

    • Very wise not to have a lawn Christina. I think more people will have to reconsider lawns in the future – so much time and energy is spent on cutting, feeding and watering (although not in our case!).

  4. We have much moss in our lawn especially in shady moist places. Besides there are the same plants amongst the grass as you have, and – much white clover, dandelions and moon daisies. I love the moon daisies flowering …

  5. I always get comments on my ‘lawn’ in the photos…it’s mostly clover and grass, with loads of dandelions, chamomile, and Other Stuff. Anything that pops up is allowed to stay, except thistles. They’re not fun on bare feet!

    • I agree – the occasional thistle appears here too, and is immediately removed, roots and all! There are a few weeds that never get a chance to be identified either, as we mow frequently to reduce the risk of ticks.

  6. Your lawn is charming and yes, has character! So nice. Our community “requires” lawn in all front yards. We also have a large common area that would be great for growing wildflowers but sadly it is bermuda grass (which has invaded many residents’s lawns) and has to be mown weekly with oversized, noisy equipment. I prefer yours. susie

    • I had no idea that some communities have rules about lawns. I wonder why! Most people do have some lawn here, but not always at the front. Thanks Susie – enjoy your weekend!

  7. LOVE your place, can’t wait till it is safe to expose my camera to the outside world once again, man is it crazy here! RAIN, RAIN AND MORE RAIN! GREEN is seriously on OVERLOAD here, blossoms now all bent over, loved seeing yours but watch out as our weather is headed easterly and you are OVER THERE!

      • We had snow fall in parts of NH last night I put rest of garden in tomorrow when they promise the sun shall shine Ron suggested Mushrooms lol

    • When we first viewed the house and garden, before moving here, it was May and the “meadow” was about 2 foot tall – we had to get a local farmer to come and mow it for us! LOL! (It looked lovely with everything in bloom)

  8. What’s in my lawn? Creeping charlie, dandelions, white clover, violets, chickweed, plantain. Oh, and some grass. I don’t mind the white clover or violets at all – or even the other stuff if it doesn’t get greedy.

  9. I love your lawn, ours looks similar and we grow lots of clover too. In the past when we have had a drought, ours is the only lawn that stays green.

  10. Your lawn is obviously following nature’s dictates Cathy and looks all the better for it. I’m frightened when I see immaculate lawns. They either reflect an obsessively tidy personality or the use of chemicals 🙂

  11. Well, aren’t you a lucky girl with all these wildflowers in your lawn! Remember a proper English lawn is just that: proper, but doesn’t support a lot of wildlife 🙂

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