An Impatient Poppy

Happy June!

(Hope it’s not as wet as May was!)

First Poppy

And if it IS wet, these proverbs should console us:

Old English weather proverb:

“A dripping June keeps all in tune”


Old German weather proverb:

“Juniregen – reicher Segen!”

(June rain – a rich blessing!)

27 thoughts on “An Impatient Poppy

  1. Well, it has just begun pouring here on the early afternoon of the first day of winter 🙂 ! And since June is also my birthday month with a rather difficult year just past a little ‘Segen’ would not go amiss 🙂 !

  2. When I look on the picture I can can feel and remember the May-rain. But there is hope for sunshine in June – if not, the poppy is shining.
    Are you concerned with the anounced heavy rainfall in bavaria this weekend? We have strong winds.

    • We have had so much rain Uta, but since we live on a hill there’s no danger of us getting flooded. It’s left off a little this morning, but another series of heavy downpours is due this afternoon and all Sunday. We’ll need some wind to dry everything out! Have a good (and sunny?) weekend Uta!

  3. OH God and we shall have storms in New England tonight and tomorrow and maybe Monday too 😦

  4. My mother’s maiden name was Reicher.

    And speaking of German proverbs, I’ll trade you: Erst besinn’s, dann beginn’s. The English equivalent doesn’t rhyme but does have alliteration: Look before you leap.

  5. We had an extremely wet end to May, but June is typically the rainiest month of the year here, too…oh well, as long as it’s not so much that the plants suffer mold and mildew! 🙂 There is a very large snowpack in the mountains that hasn’t melted yet, so some flooding is anticipated once the rivers swell. It’s a good thing we don’t live too close to the riverbanks!

    • We fortunately live on a hill, as there is massive flooding in southern Germany at present. I’ve had to bring some seedlings indoors as they were starting to go moldy!

  6. After a lovely few days of sunshine, gardening & eating outside, I’m actually able to think that rain (when it inevitably returns) will be a positive thing for the garden. Love your cheery pic of the poppy,they’re just starting to flower in my garden too.

    • Hi Andrea. Despite a week of heavy rain the poppies are slowly opening, one by one. When it dries up there will be an explosion of colour! Thanks for stopping by – am looking forward to perusing your blog in the next few days. 😀

  7. I am trying to get them started in my yard this year. I think i seeded them too late because i couldn’t decide where i wanted them. I will have to wait and see, they are so pretty!

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