33 thoughts on “The Month of June

  1. Am smiling with a multitude of good wishes.! Another Gemini!! Mine was on the 10th, alongside Judy Garland and the Duke of Edinburgh . . . what a contrast – hope I’ll fit in the middle . . . have a wonderful time!

  2. Happy Birthday to your Man of Many Talents ๐Ÿ™‚ The cake looks smoothy and I can smell lemon + verbena. My birthday is in July – time for my lemon cake and the recipe I had promissed you months ago.

    • Thanks Sarah – it was chilly today, but the next few days are going to make up for that as a heatwave has been forecast; 30ยฐC by Monday, so I’m sowing some more basil. It’s just been too cool so far.

  3. Thank you for the piece of your delicious cake! It tastes v e r y good and lemony.
    Iยดll try this recipe …
    Have a nice and sunny weekend, Cathy!

    • I made it without the lemon verbena this time, as I’m waiting for my plants to get a bit bigger. Glad you liked it. Have a lovely weekend too Elisabeth!

  4. Belated birthday greetings to your man of many talents Cathy. He has a woman of many talents in you though and must have appreciated your cake making talent when celebrating his special day.

  5. Happy belated birthday to your man of many talents! I like your arrangement on the photo with the flower and the cake.

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