Tuesday at Two (18th June)

Over 32°C (90°F) in the shade… 


… much too hot for walking around the garden! Sadly the peonies are drooping and won’t last long. But I have taken some indoors and will post a few photos soon.

Christina at Creating my own garden of the Hesperides is joining me today, to show her slope on Tuesdays. So take a look at her lovely post, here.

Any ideas of the correct name for this rock plant?


Some kind of Sempervivum I assume? I’m hoping it will flower this year.

I’m now going to chill out! Have a good week everyone!


31 thoughts on “Tuesday at Two (18th June)

  1. Beautiful, serene view…even with the heat! We’re expecting thunderstorms again here today – last night we caught the periphery of one that spawned tornado warnings east of the city. Thankfully, nothing besides small hail came out of that (no damage).

    • The thought of tornadoes is so scary – glad it turned out a false alarm. The garden was very quiet early afternoon – just a few tired birdcalls, but no chattering or tweeting like usual!

    • Same here. A few were on the rocks when we came and I’ve grown to appreciate their unusual shapes. They don’t often flower, so look forward to seeing this one.

    • Hi Marie! Maybe I’d better just wish you some dry weather instead! 😉 The heat is really getting to us, but an end is in sight. By Friday it should cool down a bit.

  2. Summer is finally here. However it didn’t have to be quite so hot! The poor plants don’t know what’s happened to them 😉

  3. Hi Cathy, Thunderstorms and rain are finishing the hot days in Germany. Did you notice, this high pressure sytem (Anticyclone) was named after my name, Uta :).

    • And now the heat has gone (thank goodness) and a few cooler showery days have allowed the plants (and me) to recover from the shock of 38°C on Thursday!

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