A Month of Peonies

Over the past few weeks the peonies have been beautiful. First the bright frilly pinkish red ones in the middle of May…


Then the simpler pink one, a couple of weeks later…


… and now the big fluffy perfumed white ones, tightly closed…


…just opening…


… and in full glory!


Can you smell them? The whole garden is bathed in peony fragrance, and the house too since some of them had to be cut. (They get so top heavy despite staking.)

The last one to open is a new one to my garden, the only one I thought I could name… it has, however, no resemblance to its label! Still, it’s very pretty. It might possibly be “Bowl of Cream”. It is standing up to the heat extremely well, and also has a lovely perfume.


Do you have a favourite fragrance in your garden?