Tuesday at Two (25th June)

After the heat of last week we are enjoying some cool and damp weather…


(Just in case you’re wondering, that orange thing dangling from the tree in the distance is our picnic mat, strung up to keep it dry!)


Perhaps you can see, beyond the goat’s beard, that the first day lilies are opening. I love this orange – so summery! A visitor to my garden once told me she hated them – I felt affronted! (She was not a gardener herself…)


Last week I showed you my rock plant, which Annette tells me is Sempervivum tectorum. (Thanks Annette!) This is what it looked like on the 18th…


And this photo was taken yesterday – see how it’s developing! The flowers haven’t quite opened yet, but I’ll keep you posted!


This was also taken yesterday – the last poppy flower… they have been beautiful as always, but now it’s time for the roses, lavender and red valerian to take over.


Have a good week everyone. Happy gardening!

35 thoughts on “Tuesday at Two (25th June)

    • I’m enjoying a cool 12°C this morning – and it’s wonderful! I’m slowly learning that there are quite a few plants people can be snooty about – Heuchera and Marigolds are often given scathing remarks for example!

  1. I do like your day lilies Cathy and the goat’s beard is great too. Awesome to keep a picnic mat ready like that. Do you picnic there under that tree often or in various spots? We seldom picnic and I just love the idea of it.

    • It’s usually under that tree Susie, as it gives shade in the afternoon. When it’s hot we take the dogs down with us and take a half hour break with a cup of tea and a treat or two (for the dogs!).

  2. I’m with you on the colour of that day lily – it’s lovely! My day lilies are just getting ready to open – they’ve had their best season since I put them in a few years ago, mostly because the rabbits left them alone this year! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the bloom on that sempervivum, I find them fascinating. Have a wonderful week!

  3. Isn’t this time of year wonderful, new things coming into flower. I’ve literally spent the whole day in the garden just looking at things! A little bit of pottering in between!

    • P.s I love day lilies too, I had no idea people were snobby about them (as per Christina’s comment) this just makes me like them even more. I found a gorgeous orange one today in a pot hidden by my potatoes! I also found a dreaded lily beetle on it, it didn’t last long!!! I’ve taken some photos for my blog….I just need to get round to writing something now!!

      • I haven’t seen any lily beetles this year, but stopped trying to grow the big Asian lilies because they almost always get attacked! Look forward to seeing some photos of your garden Anna. Thanks for stopping by! 😀

  4. Day lilies are just starting here, we just have a small yellow one out at the moment, the rest have big buds which will open soon. The garden is so colourful when they are all out, I think I have rather too many! Love the colour of yours, I have some a similar colour and they certainly brighten up a garden on a dull day.

    • Can one have too many lilies?! The yellow ones are very pretty too – I have seen a few open in our neighbours’ gardens as they are a little earlier than mine.

  5. A few daylilies open here…with the heat we’re having now (like yours last week!) there’ll be more soon…
    People can be so awful…we won’t have impateints this year, due to a disease outbreak in the region. The Flowers Snobs are actually cheering 😦 I love to remind those types that Monet planted marigolds, impateints, AND daylilies!

    • I must admit I don’t like marigolds as they attract the slugs, but I’ve heard they protect tomatoes from bugs. I’m definitely a fan of anything colourful and love the splashes of colour in Monet’s garden!

  6. We adore day lilies and enjoy their vibrant bursts of color in our front yard! I never would have thought NOT to like them, LOL! Your garden is taking on the bright colors of summer, lush and magical.

  7. It’s all looking so different to the cold, snowy pictures of earlier this year! The day lily is beautiful – especially with the raindrops on the petals.

    • The lilies are very photogenic, and posed nicely for me! It’s good to have some cloudy, showery days as I can get out into the garden again. The sun was so strong last week I was burning after just a few minutes!

  8. Wonderful how many shades of lilies are available now: each to their own but I love the cream . yellow > orange and tan pallette most and you have a beautiful colouring showing . . .

  9. I love the bright colors of my Lillies and now all of the ones ready to burst open that belong to the garden club that are vacationing with me till our next planting and SALE on PLANTS 🙂

      • Very nice guests Cathy perfectly willing to allow me to capture them on the camera as well and with flooding rains falling I will not water them for days well until the sun comes back IT IS RIGHT lol we will need web feet soon

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