Binocular Man

A friend asked me recently what that funny wooden structure is in my Tuesday at Two photos, and said “It looks like gallows!”TuesdayView25thJune

Oh dear!


Let me explain!

This is my Binocular Man!


He was built by my Dad and my Man of Many Talents at my request, almost 6 years ago, inspired by the binocular men I saw at the Country Park near my parents’ home. (Take a look here)

And I love him.


I love the way he spends all his time gazing across my garden towards the hills in the distance. I often do the same when the buzzards circle overhead, or the woodpeckers settle on the lawn to dig for ants…

I’m glad I cleared up this matter, in case anyone else out there was wondering…. 😉

41 thoughts on “Binocular Man

    • I’m sure he would help if he could! 😉 (He’s not able to bend easily!) But he keeps me company while I’m working out there!

  1. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of Binocular Man, but from looking through a viewfinder pressed close to my eye for so many hours I often feel like Camera Man. If I photographed any more than I already do I think the camera would become permanently embedded in my forehead.

    • That sounds painful Steve. Either a holiday is due, or some soft padding around the viewfinder…. I hope you never get rooted to the spot like my Binocular Man though!

  2. Very cool. 🙂 I love how Binocular Man stands in the thick vegetation and flowers, rather than out on the neatly clipped lawn. He seems to have chosen an interesting spot.

    • Very observant… originally a clematis was supposed to be climbing up his legs, but the cotoneaster has taken over instead! Thanks for stopping by Bill.

  3. Your Binocular Man indeed looks like a guardian protecting your beautiful garden with all the plants, animals and human beings in it. And – I think – he also is looking towards the hills far away in the valley as if he would be longing for the distance.

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