Tuesday at Two (9th July)

We are currently enjoying some gorgeous summer sunshine, with a warm breeze and the occasional fluffy white cloud bringing relief from the strong sun. And the forecast for the whole week is more of the same. Perfect!


The Sempervivum has been keeping me on tenterhooks, and then when I went to take the two o’clock photo I found this…

The Fate of the Sempervivum


I think the heat got to it! It was thus propped up ceremoniously….


…as I wanted to show you the first little flower that has opened. (A drum roll please!)


Its little cousin also opened yesterday, completely surprising me…


And these also look like they will open soon…


Has anything surprised you in your garden recently?


42 thoughts on “Tuesday at Two (9th July)

  1. Neat job on the sempervivum. Shows a great positive attitude. It shouldn’t have been affected by the sun/heat, maybe it is its means of speading seeds? There look like lots of other flowers in the frame today.

  2. Wonderful pictures. There is so much energy in the macros of the blossoms.
    … and in the ribbon πŸ™‚ May be this plant did it like Icarus and has grown to high.

  3. So many poppies have emerged in the vegetable area, that was a real surprise, wasn’t expecting them at all! Your sempervivum is ahead of mine, the flower stalks are only just starting to lengthen here, but one day soon we will have little flowers like yours.

  4. Most of my sempervivums were eating by an escapee peacock, so I hid the rest in my potting shed where its dry and warm, but probably too dark and now the archnoides look just like yours and have sent up long tall flower spikes. The peacock was the biggest surprise though!

    • Wonderful! And my tomato plants have started flowering too – that was a surprise as well… just a few weeks ago and I nearly composted the weedy plants!

    • I am doing precisely that Anna. It is such lovely weather and my parents are over here from the UK, so I am taking some time to stop and look at the garden instead of working in it. πŸ˜€

    • Hi there! There are some beautiful things in the garden, but the roadsides and hedges are lovely at this time of year too – full of Queen Anne’s Lace and Cow Parsley with their big white flowers. Have a nice weekend Nancy!

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