Lemon and Mint Refresher

Phew! It’s hot!

Time for another refreshing cold drink.

Lemon and Mint Refresher

Lemon and Mint Refresher1

Half-fill a tumbler with ice. Add 3 mint leaves and 3 lemon verbena or lemon balm leaves. Add 1 tsp brown sugar and the juice of half a lemon. Mash together a little to release the flavour of the leaves, and then top up with sparkling mineral water.

Add a sprig of mint and a slice of lemon to garnish and stir till the sugar has dissolved.

Lemon and Mint Refresher

Aaah. That’s nice and cold!

How do you keep cool in a heatwave?

54 thoughts on “Lemon and Mint Refresher

  1. Nice suggestion for a summer drink! I usually drink plain water all day long….I’m never without my pretty pink water bottle. I also love to water the plants by hand at sunrise and check on them again in the evenings. We have gorgeous summers in Portland. I feel for so many in the Midwest and east coast this week.

  2. Oh now that’s a good idea. I keep cool by gardening in the shade. Our shady borders have never had so much attention lavished on them. Enjoy the weekend!

  3. A glass of lemon and mint refresher would be great right now. I hate complaining about the heat – after all I spend most of the year whinging that it’s too cold, but the last two days have been too hot for working outside, and that’s no good at all! Have a great weekend Cathy!

      • Wow it will start to get wild here soon may spend time under the desk lol may need to add strong stuff to this pretty drink we will go from 100’s today and tomorrow and Sunday with storms then temps in the 80’s ahhhh

    • Recently a few of my friends have started flavouring water with a sprig of herbs – just a few leaves added to the water and chilled for a couple of hours and the water has a refreshing hint of aroma.

    • Oh, then you must try the lemon verbena sorbet or the liqueur I made last year! (Recipes are on my blog) … Absolutely delicious! I dried a lot for tea for the winter too. 😀 Have a good weekend Anna!

  4. Mmmmm – looks so refreshing. I have a small mint garden that I have not made a single mint drink with so far this summer. I think I need to fix that this weekend.

    • Yes, I had been feeling guilty about not using any of my “field” of mint too! (It spreads like mad here!) Have a refreshing weekend!

  5. It’s almost warm enough here for a cooling drink. A tropical 20C but with a sea breeze – a real Hebridean heat wave.
    If you add hot water (not boiling) to mint and lemon verbena leaves it makes a wonderful summer bed time cuppa.

    • I was on the Isle of Skye in August a few years ago and we were finally warm enough to take off our jackets at 22°C… but the locals were suffering in the “heat” and had put up ventilators in the shops etc! I must admit, 22°C is much more my kind of temperature than our current 32°C!
      I dried a lot of lemon verbena last year and enjoyed it as tea throughout the winter. I must try adding some mint too. Enjoy your heatwave!

      • On the islands life come to a halt when the temperature hits 20C! Fortunately we have the cooling sea breezes, so at least the nights are cool.
        I’ve just started growing lemon verbena again, and even with 5 plants I can’t produce enough leaves!

  6. Good idea! I often make a pot of tea, let it cool a bit and then pour some over a glass of ice cubes. Very easy and sooo gooood.

  7. Sounds most refreshing. Have all the ingredients so will try this afternoon Cathy. It’s a good bit cooler today so some relief. My heatwave tip is to keep an Evian water spray can at hand (there’s a useful handbag size) and spray face and pulse points when it all gets too much 🙂 Also I try to avoid being out of the sun in the middle of the day which is common sense really but sadly lots of folk do venture out then often without protection and allow their children to do so likewise. Recent case over here of four week old baby with severe sunburn ! 😦

    • They say “Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid-day sun”! Spray is a good tip… also running the cold tap over pulse points is refreshing. Our village is extremely quiet today. I think everyone’s on the sofa with the blinds down! 😀 (And they tell us it’s going to get hotter and humid… 😦 )

  8. I do drink quite a bit of sparkling water, sometimes sweetened with a little Stevia. When I have the time to plan ahead I’ll cut fruit and add it to the water just to sit all day and slowly infuse the water with a subtle flavor. My favorite is strawberries. But this sounds really so good and a nice change. We have such high heat most of the summer and to stay cool we mostly resort to air conditioning. Fortunately in Southern California the evenings can be very cool. It’s rare to have unrelenting heat! I do drink tons of water, and your refresher is almost like a little cocktail. It would be fun to serve.

    • Cool evenings do help – we’ve had some very warm nights recently and have had the air con on for a while in the evening. I like the idea of strawberry water – will have to try that! 😀

        • Yes, made my own again. But didn’t make the liqueur this year. I usually manage to save a small bottle of cordial for the winter as a reminder of what’s to come! Have never had elderflower champagne, but can imagine it’s rather good!

  9. I have lemon verbena and mint in my herb garden! What a perfect summer drink, refreshing and vibrant with seasonal flavor straight from our gardens!

  10. Yum! I just so happen to be growing some lemon balm (couldn’t find any lemon verbena seeds this year or I would have planted them, too)! I love lemonade and unsweetened brewed iced tea…I’m also partial to a recipe I found online that uses fresh basil, lemon juice, a tiny bit of sugar, and a whole lot of crushed ice.

    • Now that sounds Really interesting Sheryl. I have loads of basil, including lemon basil, but never thought to add it to a drink. I’ll have to experiment! Thanks for stopping by!

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