The Colours of July

I have been walking around my garden at a more leisurely pace than May and June, more suited to the heat. Perhaps you’d like to see what has been flowering here this month. Take a walk with me, barefoot of course, and enjoy the colours of July.








Day Lilies…






Cosmos with Hoverfly…







Nigella with Longhorn Beetle…













Rugosa Rose and Ground Beetle…



Spiraea and Bee…



Crown Vetch…



Lychnis coronaria…




Anthemis tinctoria..






Tetragonolobus… (Lotus?)


What colours are making a statement in your July?

63 thoughts on “The Colours of July

  1. I only wish I had such a lovely garden as yours. The color that makes a statement is “Green”. My grass is the most beautiful shade of green since it has been raining here almost every afternoon for a week.

    • I managed to get these cosmos going in pots with copper tape around the tops to keep the snails off, after losing them all last spring! The copper tape is brilliant stuff!

  2. Love your Lovely Blooms and so many of the same ones call my yard home as well.
    The Spiraea looks beautiful that I do not think has appeared her lol YET
    Have a wonderful weekend we are getting some rain now with some sun due on Sat.

    I will have so much work to do in the fall some more painting and cutting back this HUGE JUNGLE Grapes are now creeping into the driveway, Blackberries and Raspberries line the whole property. My Pears look like miniatures though we have MANY on the butchered Pear Tree which now appears to be a weeping variety.

    I have been so busy with camera and taking photos of Dragonflies I will try to stay awake tonight to actually do some of my own posts for you too see


    • Hope you get lots of fruit from those vines and brambles. If I don’t hear from you for a while I shall know you’ve been engulfed in vegetation and can’t escape till November! LOL! We are sizzling up here. What crazy weather!

      • Today 65 F tomorrow 89 F NUTS for sure

        The bear was back and by the time I knew I tried to get him with one camera I will post photo of him if I got a spot of him you can clearly see as JT and I had him on the run! 7 AM as soon as I filled feeders no sooner came in poured coffee and JT was going nuts I thought it was squirrels then Ron yelled Bear and I run for camera both of which were plugged in too close of a call I may have to make the birds fend for them selves 😦 and live on BUGS there goes my Dragonflies lol the bear loves berries too 😦

      • Hmmm, I love roses but they can be so different – I’m not so keen on dog roses. My favourite flowers are orchids and narcissi though. Very different but lovely in their own ways!

  3. Fabulous! You’ve taken some lovely photos. I’m going to have to find some gentian for my garden and also seek out that blue clematis–I have a standard purple one, but haven’t seen the blue. So interesting and beautiful. Thanks for taking photos we could enlarge to such a degree to really study them. Best, Susie

    • I’ve had the blue clematis just two years now Susie, and it’s doing well. I never manage to keep clematis long as they often freeze, or get eaten by snails when the first shoots appear. This one is called “Juuli”, which is quite appropriate!

    • I found the label Susie and it’s called Clematis integrifolia “Juuli”. It doesn’t seem to mind the heat, and has survived a very hard winter, so I can recommend it!

      • Thanks Cathy. I don’t see it as being available from my normal sources but will be on the lookout! It’s so lovely and would be nice to have one blooming at this time of year.

  4. wow beautiful flowers, that top one of hte roses look almost peach color, all these flowers are pretty, my passion flower started to bloom today, has one flower and many buds, will post pictures once it has alot of flowrs on it.

  5. absolutely wonderful.
    I’d show it to my mother who’s currently engaged in building her own garden. 🙂

  6. What lovely photos and flowers. It’s fun when you can capture a photo with all those insects and bugs. I find it fascinating what you discover when you look through the lens of a camera. Nicely done.

  7. I am very partial to “orangey” colors…especially when they are two-toned. I love orange roses, perhaps because I don’t find them quite as frequently in the home garden. You have every possible color in your garden, don’t you! They are just beautiful, Cathy.

    • I love colour in the garden, but it has to be the right plant too – I love this orange cosmos for example, but don’t like Marigolds – almost the same colour!

  8. Lovely photos of beautiful flowers, your roses at the top are such an attractive colour, peach/salmon. The colour, apart from green which we all need to set the others off, is from all the daylilies and I seem to have rather a lot of red ones flowering at the moment, along with red Crocosmia Lucifer.

    • Day lilies do well here too, but I have problems with Crocosmia. They obviously don’t like the dry conditions or they freeze in winter. Growing them in pots has also never worked for me. I do occasionally see them in gardens here though, so perhaps it’s a matter of getting them established in a favourable year…

  9. What a gorgeous post! I love your photos and tour around your flowers. I love seeing the lavender on your blog as it reminds me of France! The colour for me at the minute is green!!!! I’ve just got back to an overgrown jungle!!! I have day lilies just like yours though and they’ve survived the drought in the front garden 🙂

    • Thanks Anna! Day lilies are pretty tough, although mine are flagging a bit now. Glad your garden is looking lush, despite the heat. Hope you can spend some time enjoying it, and not just working in it!

  10. My garden tends to reflect my preference for white and blue flowers. Orange is my least favourite but your oranges are not the orange I dislike, I love Cosmos sulphureus and always have both the yellow and the orange ones.

    • I haven’t seen the yellow ones. The orange is such a lovely shade. I have a Lantana in a pot that is the same colour and they look wonderful together!

  11. Love all the colours in your garden and great that there a is so much wildlife in your garden, great captures of all the insects. In my garden there is a lot more colour than usual for the end of July so I am happy with it all.

    • That’s good, as I know your summers get very hot. Have you had more rain than usual? We have so many interesting insects – it’s fun trying to identify them!

      • Last year we had no rain for three months and temperatures in the mid to high 30’s for all that time. This year we’ve had storms until last Sunday, now it is very hot but as it shouldn’t be for too long now, I think I’ll cope.

        • Three months… Phew! It was 39 here today, and tomorrow is supposed to be scorching too. Let’s hope August is a little kinder to us!

  12. A really wonderful walk through your colourful July garden! I like all your flowers – one more than the other. Rugosa rose is very lovely and … and …
    In my July garden there are all colours except of yellow at the moment. I have several blue, pink and orange flowers, but also love my white blooms, as Campanula persicifolia, Schneeball-Hortensie, Rispenhortensie, Palmlilie. White is so calm, but yet so bright together with the green foliage and especially in front of green backgrounds.

    • White is refreshing too, on a hot day. The only white I have is a white Centranthus (Spornblume), and a Scabious is just coming into flower too. Have a lovely weekend Elisabeth!

      • Yes, I´ve forgotten to mention the cream-white Scabious you gave me last autumn. It´s just coming into flower in our garden too. I like this lovely plant and bees and butterflies also love it.
        Have a nice weekend too, Cathy!

    • The hoverflies have been numerous again this year after a couple of years of rarely seeing any. I love the way they inspect us closely when we sit out on the patio!

  13. I very much enjoyed this barefoot ramble through your flower-filled garden – thank you, Cathy :).
    Lovely images, great daylily (do you know its name?) and all the wildlife!

    • Glad you enjoyed it Annette…. how about a cold drink now to cool you down. 😉 Afraid I don’t know the day lily’s name as they were here when we came to this house… hidden well under all the weeds and grass, they survived total neglect for about a decade. Definitely a resilient sort!

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