Tuesday at Two (July 30th)

It rained! After almost 40°C at the weekend, a few good showers over the last day or two have revived a few plants. But some will be lost. Never mind. A lesson for next year… more grasses and lavenders, sedums and centranthus, which all do well even if we do have damp years in the future.


The grass seems a little greener, although most of what you see is the plaintain and moon daisy leaves mown low.

Just as I was taking the photo today, this flew over!


That blue sky with a cool breeze is wonderful.

I’m also enjoying the blue of the Russian Sage at the moment…


The cone flowers are open now, although they suffered a bit in the strong sun…


And the fennel is a lovely sight too. It barely wilted in the heat, so I think I will have to plant some more in another very dry spot.


Have you ever grown fennel?