A Bishop’s Garden Revisited

First of all, Happy August everyone! July was a long slow haze of sunshine, turning into a blazing heatwave mid-month. But the last few days have brought rain showers, cooler temperatures, and a very welcome breeze.

At the beginning of July, which now seems ages ago, I was able to revisit a “botanical” garden I posted about last July; The Bastion Garden.


Some of you may remember the four-part series I did last year on the Bishop’s Garden here in southern Germany. (See Part One here)


The garden is looking more and more established, and very well cared for. Most plants are allowed to go to seed, so since I came a little later than last year it looked slightly untidy! This is not your normal botanical garden, nor a garden like those of large stately homes in the UK, but is a special place for those interested in the plants themselves, and not effects or design.


At a first glance it seems so small, but it’s amazing what is packed in there. Some of the trees in the beds are rarely seen in our climate… they are well wrapped up in winter (or taken indoors in pots), but they are also in an extremely sheltered position, despite being up on a hill. Below is a Pomegranate, Punica granatum


And here is the Melia azedarach, which was just going over. What a lovely scent!


Most of the plants and trees are labelled…


.. but some of the labels are missing or hard to find. If anyone knows the name of this poppy, or has grown one, please let me know! Isn’t it a beauty?

(Click on the photo to get a closer look)


I loved these colourful cornflowers (Centaurea cyanus)…


… inspiration for future gardening years! The fresh green foliage of this Adonis annua reminds me of Chamomile, and is in fact sometimes called Red Chamomile, or Blood Drops…


Orlaya grandiflora (French Cow Parsley), an endangered wild flower in Germany, with its prickly seed heads…


And these are a red version of a yellow weed growing in my garden, called “Spargelbohne” in German, or Asparagus Pea in English.

Tetragonolobus purpureus

I shall now have to hunt for some seeds for next year… 😉

Have you ever seen any of these plants in your part of the world? And where do you go for your gardening inspiration?