Large Emerald Moth

It’s always the case, isn’t it?

You see something worthy of a photo and your camera is miles away!

Luckily my Man of Many Talents was nearby when I spotted this moth on a fir tree… and he had his pocket camera with him…


It’s a Large Emerald Moth, although it looks very much like a butterfly, hence its specific name Geometra papilionaria.


(Click on the picture for a closer look at the pretty furry head and body.)

Apparently they live off birch, of which we have plenty, and I was extremely lucky to spot it; firstly since they usually only fly at night, between June and August, and secondly due to its excellent camouflage. This one was quite bright green, so had probably only just emerged.


The name is fitting – a gem!

Have you ever seen this moth? Or has some other new creature caught your eye this summer?

47 thoughts on “Large Emerald Moth

  1. A very special moth, I’ve not seen this one here, but then we don’t have any birches, we do have an amazing one that looks dull brown until it flies when you see its bright orange underside.

    • I see different ones every year… last year we had lots of different hawk-moths, but I’ve only seen the now common humming bird hawk-moth this summer.

    • It certainly is – I am constantly amazed at some of the little creatures we see. Lots of small green grasshoppers this years, and Huge ants in the spring! LOL!

  2. Iยดve seen the “Grรผnes Blatt” two weeks ago for the first time. It was sitting at a window-frame close to the door in our draught-screen. Probably “Large Emerald Moth” was attracted by the
    light and then was resting there during the day.
    A very special and beautiful butterfly! Iยดm happy to have seen it…

  3. That is so beautiful, such a lovely colour. I have never seen one here, but I have birch, hazel and beech that my book says it likes, so if one comes it will find plenty of food!

    • There are plenty of those here too, so strange I’ve only just seen one for the first time! (I don’t know why, but your comments have started going into my spam file, so sorry if I’m a bit late replying… I do check my spam regularly!)

  4. Itยดs a beauty! I know it from my place. Recently I have seen two new flies, I didnยดt know before. Our yellow flowers are full with various hoverflies, bees and wasps (plant wasps). A good place to be for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The hawk-moths were abundant last summer, but there have been fewer moths and butterflies in general this summer. Plenty of bees though, which I’m glad about.

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