Tuesday at Two (August 13th)

The weather has been cooler (mid-20s) and we have had some good rain showers in the past week. The garden has an autumn feel to it now that the heat has subsided.


And here’s a different view for you… just after 7 am this morning! The sunlight was lovely shining on our rock, and the sky still looked stormy after some overnight rain.


Have you noticed the shift in the seasons yet?

37 thoughts on “Tuesday at Two (August 13th)

  1. You’ve answered my question! How I envy your cooler temperatures and RAIN – how lovely. I like this early morning view Cathy, it is very inviting to sit at your table.

    • I hope it cools down for you soon Christina. You would enjoy breakfast at my table this morning… just 11.4 Β°C when I got up at 7am! πŸ˜€

  2. It’s a little cooler here too and we are supposed to have rain tomorrow, thank goodness, this dry spell has gone on for far too long.and the garden is suffering again.

    • We only need cooler weather and rain for a couple of days and the garden is born again! (The snails were out in armies!) It’s amazing how resilient some plants can be, and how grateful for just a little drink. I have lost some plants to the drought, but probably not as many as I thought.

  3. We haven’t had rain in two months which is very strange for the Maritime Northwest. I can’t wait for a little cooler weather, although I sure shouldn’t be complaining. Mid-eighties? For some people, that is heaven. I see the hydrangeas turning wine colored, the maples beginning to turn…just a tad. And that peachy-gold sky sunset that says autumn is coming.

    • I haven’t noticed autumn colour yet, but that fresh cool autumn air has already turned up and the nights are much cooler. Would love to see your sunset Susan!

    • I think the contrast between the heat we had and the cooler days now make me think of autumn. Actually it’s still in the mid-20s and beautiful weather. But the chairs and table have already been moved out of the shade into the afternoon sun!

  4. I have noticed! Very subtle, but the plants know it, and the shadows are longer. Not cool here, though, so I doubt many people here have noticed (unless they’re gardeners!). πŸ™‚ Your photos are beautiful.

    • Thank you, and you’re right – the plants know it; the sedum are just showing a tinge of pink… then I know autumn is near. My tomatoes are still not ripe though!

  5. Dramatic skies! The shift has been more obvious when it was cooler but now it’s very much like summer again. Do you have a fence on your perimeter? How are the winters like?

    • Yes, we have fencing all around because of the dogs, but it is barely visible in summer. Stops the larger creatures getting in too! Winters here are often very cold – last winter we had lots of snow, but the year before was bitter cold and dry, which almost finished off my lavender!

  6. Here in north carolina the morning air has that touch of fall. Daily now I see or hear the v-shaped formation of geese migrating overhead. That always says fall is coming for me.

    • I love the sound of geese flying over – we rarely see that here, but get a few stray geese stopping over at the river. I have been watching the swallows preparing to fly off for the winter.

    • Sounds like you are suffering Nancy – I do feel for you! We had six weeks with barely a drop and it was so hot, but now it’s finally cool enough to enjoy the rest of the summer. Hope you get a big storm with lots of refreshing rain soon! πŸ˜‰

  7. Your garden looks so green and welcoming. We have lost the too hot weather and are back to our usual warm days and cool night. However, some things are pointing towards autumn and I’m trying to ignore them. I love the summer.

    • We are so lucky to have all this greenery after the long dry spell – nature is very resilient and bounces back after just the minimum of rainfall. We’ve got lovely calm sunny weather that we can enjoy at the moment. πŸ˜€

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