One Day I’ll Fly Away

The swallows have been gathering to practice flying off to their winter quarters. A sure sign summer is drawing to a close, and one reason for the title of this post. Another reason: I’ve seen lots of grasshoppers and crickets this summer, which I think thrived in the dry spell we had in July. But this little fella hasn’t got his wings yet….


He rather likes the golden Cosmos sulphureus.


And stuck around to be photographed, showing off his very long antenna and his handsome legs.


One day he’ll be able to hop AND fly!


Do you see crickets or grasshoppers?

Oh, and since I now have that song in my head all the time, here’s the link:


33 thoughts on “One Day I’ll Fly Away

  1. Excellent images Cathy. I’ve seen only a couple of grasshoppers, not sure I recognize crickets but they’re probably around. Wish I had planted Cosmos this year–yours looks nice.

  2. I haven’t seen a cricket or grasshopper for a while but I sure have been hearing the crickets at night. They have been serenading me with such a beautiful song. I love to listen. Great pics Cathy!

  3. Yes, Cathy, summer is slipping by unfortunately. We have oak bush crickets here in the garden but for grasshoppers, I have to go to the local nature reserve, just over a mile away. I haven’t noticed the swallows gathering yet, but will watch for them from now on.

    • The late summer bird songs are so relaxed. I watched a family of crows chattering in the tree tops last night and they didn’t sound as harsh as earlier in the year!

  4. Yard is LOADED with Dragonflies and Grasshoppers only see crickets when I turn something over 🙂

    Have an awesome Day or evening and a Great week!

  5. Yes, we are seeing some grasshoppers. I don’t think you would see any in a typical garden around here, but with all our grasses and big wildflowers, this seems to be a sort of grasshopper outpost.

  6. I found your sunny photos so joyful! A great ode to late summer! In a few months we’ll savor these delights and wonder where the sunshine went!

  7. Very beautiful summerly nature photos with the orange Cosmos and little grasshoppers! We have many of these grasshoppers in our garden, too, and I can hear the crickets cheerfully chirping. Now and again I´ve seen a very big locust (about 4 cm). It´s name in German is “Grünes Heupferd”.
    And … I love the blue-green dragonflies dancing above the water of our small garden-pond.
    How lucky we are to live so close to nature…

  8. “One day I´ll fly away” – a lovely song, a lovely title expressing an everlasting longing of human beings for flying away one day somewhere…what a wonderful imagination…some day…

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