Tuesday at Two (August 27th)

After a flying visit to the UK (barely 40 hours there!) and then visiting a birthday girl this morning, I only have a quick shot for today. Cool, damp and most definitely late summer/autumn….


The Japanese acer is turning yellow, but it will take another month before it looks its best and I will enjoy watching it change to a deep red. That’s what I like about autumn… everything happens slowly enough to keep pace!

Are you looking forward to autumn?

30 thoughts on “Tuesday at Two (August 27th)

  1. No, I’m not looking forward to autumn, I’m not sure way as I really don’t like August! We don’t really have an autumn in the way that happens further north; it is just different to summer.

    • That’s a shame – it’s such a pretty season here as we are surrounded by mixed woodlands that change colour. (They’ve started changing already!)

  2. A can’t quite make up its mind afternoon here – not as sunny as yesterday’s most unusual Bank Holiday weather but it’s dry. Hope that you enjoyed your trip home Cathy. Still to early to mention the ‘A’ word – well at least until September arrives πŸ™‚

    • I noticed the difference between the UK and Germany when I got back – Bavaria is definitely heading for autumn earlier, although the hops still haven’t been harvested.

    • When it cooled down a couple of weeks ago and we had rain it immediately revived everything and my garden is looking surprisingly happy for the end of August. Hope you get some rain soon too.

  3. Happy birthday to the birthday girl! I am very much looking forward to autumn. Summer makes me feel wilted. I love sweater weather. Here in Southern California, though, we are still two months away from cooler temperatures.

    • Our goldenrods are just opening, but the asters still need a week or so. I shall do my autumn planting mid to late September. Hope those new plants of yours don’t get sunburn!

  4. I’m trying very hard not to think about autumn arriving soon – there’s nothing wrong with autumn in itself, but the fact that winter will follow is always a bit of a shame…

    • I hope it will, so you can enjoy a longer season. I can’t deny the cooler weather any longer – my basil will have to be eaten or brought indoors and some of the summer containers are truly exhausted.

  5. That’s a good thought, Cathy. Gives us the chance to appreciate it better. Already the light has turned softer and more magical – good for shooting πŸ™‚ (pictures, that is)

  6. I like the early morning mists, insects and flowers of the late summer. ItΒ΄s different to early summer. Yes, it is a slowly change that shows, the world is going the right way.

    • Autumn colours are my favourite. I think I had enough summer for this year so am happy it’s slowly cooling down! Thanks for stopping by Anna!

  7. We picked up the first group of colorful Mums for our Plant Sale for the 8th can not wait for the colors of fall to arrive here in New England it is the season after I dread lol πŸ™‚

    • I love the colours of autumn too… don’t worry about winter this year Eunice – we’re in it together and just have to keep our spirits up. We got through last winter, so we’ll do it again! Let’s hope for a long, long autumn… like till December! πŸ˜‰

      • Man I need to hit a huge lottery so all of us winter haters can escape to a quiet and toasty island πŸ™‚

        I love blogging in the winter though in between shoveling and walking the beach brrrr


    • The slower pace has allowed me to really enjoy the garden now for the last 10 days or so. But soon I’ll have to get organized for autumn planting… πŸ˜€

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