Evening Light and a Surprise

At this time of year we get the sun going down directly opposite the rockery. I love the softer light on the Perovskia…


… and on the Miscanthus and Potentilla…


…and particularly on the Ostrich Ferns (Matteuccia struthiopteris) – bottom left – which surprised us nicely this year…


The ferns are in the full sun for most of the day beween May and September, but also in the only spot in the garden that gets watered by rainwater from the roof (of which there has been very little!), which is directed down through a pipe under the rockery. After the heat of July and August they were badly singed, and brown and had flopped completely.

So I cut them right down. 😦

The spot looked ugly for a while… this photo shows a few remaining leaves and the bare patch on August 10th…

Fern after Cut

…but then new shoots began appearing and after just three weeks they are about 2 or 3 feet high! This was the first time I had to cut them back so early, so I had no idea they regenerate so effectively in the summer.


Have you had any nice gardening surprises recently?

(By the way, the fronds of this fern can be eaten as a cooked vegetable – a delicacy in salads too, but only in small doses if uncooked!)

41 thoughts on “Evening Light and a Surprise

  1. Your garden is so lovely! I had a similar experience with my maidenhair ferns. They were accidentally cut down completely with a mower by my poor husband. I almost died. But within a few weeks they were back full force!

  2. Absolutely beautiful light. I’ve tried to take pictures before when the light plays so beautifully on the garden, and it isn’t always possible to capture it. You really did! I can’t say it often enough, Cathy, your garden is just incredibly beautiful and inviting!

  3. I love the dreamy evening light in your so lovely garden, Cathy. Your garden looks more beautiful than ever. Plants did recover very well after the heatwave of July and August and are flowering, flowering, flowering…

  4. Your rockery is looking so beautiful in the evening light, the Perovskia just glows! Interesting to hear about your ferns, I’ve never tried that but will in future.

  5. Beautiful images, Cathy – magic of the light :). I’ve had many surprises, a lot of nice ones too but now I hope for rain before my biceps look like those of Arnold Schwarzenegger and my garden like the desert. Best wishes!

    • And the ferns spread too if you’re not vigilant… I’m always digging out more!
      The sun is moving round fast so we must make the most of the evening light while it’s still there.

    • I can see the same effect early morning sometimes… in June the sun lights up a single rose bush before it reaches the rest of the rockery. But never for long enough for me to get my camera and capture it!

  6. I really like the interesting extra views of your garden, the lighting is lovely too. Are the ferns bitter, I can’t imagine the taste. The nicest gardening surprise this year has been the gorgeous summer weather, which is a novelty for us in England!

    • Hi Julie, the fern shoots are not at all bitter, but taste a little like lettuce or rocket leaves. The texture is crispy too. Good to hear you’ve had a warm summer too. πŸ˜€

    • I was amazed they recovered, but the speed at which they grow is even more incredible! They haven’t got much higher than in the photo though, and are now starting to turn yellow as autumn gets a hold. Thanks for your comment Dana!

    • Thanks Donna! The rockery has astounded me this autumn, bouncing back from the drought. The misty mornings are also pretty, but with little signs of the sun lately!

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