Patio Prickles

At the top of my rockery, next to the patio, there is a beautiful Euonymus fortunei “Emerald ‘n Gold”, hidden behind these prickles!


I can’t remember what they are called, but these little evergreens are some of the prickliest plants I’ve ever come across… and I have an aversion to prickles.

I admit to not watering this pot all summer – it survived 6 weeks without rain, with temperatures in the upper 30s. But its days were numbered nonetheless. Say goodbye…


Bye bye prickles, hello…

Cupressa macrocarpa goldcrest!


These are sold as “seasonal” plants here… I’m not sure it will last the winter, but I can wrap it up in the pot if necessary and for now it has brightened up the patio… and I can see the Euonymus!


Do you have any prickly plants you don’t like?