Tuesday at Two (September 17th)

I can’t believe how fast September is flying by. Do you feel the same?

We’ve had a lot of weather today – rain, hail,Β  wind, but also lovely sunshine!


Two minutes earlier it looked like this…


And five minutes later I was running for cover! I managed to get lots of planting done, as the ground was nice and damp, and then everything was watered in perfectly without me needing to help. πŸ˜€

My next job is to write down where I planted what…. trying to keep a record now by simply listing new plants with a description of where it is. An example; Alyssum has been planted “where the previous Alyssum was, in front of the rock in the top bed”. Well, I hope I’ll know what I meant in the spring when I’m looking out for it to send up green shoots!

Have a great week everyone!

33 thoughts on “Tuesday at Two (September 17th)

    • I don’t mind September racing by so much, as long as October doesn’t go too quickly… when we get the lovely autumn colours mixed with asters and sedums. πŸ˜€ Look forward to seeing how the view of your garden has changed Christina.

  1. Oh, you’re right. Just yesterday I thought where did August go? And now September is halfway over. Good idea to write down the plants. Maybe you could put nicely made markers next to them?

    • That’s a good idea… I don’t like to leave the garden centre tags on plants as they look a bit tacky, but if I could find some pretty ones to stick in the ground… You’ve got me thinking now! πŸ˜€

  2. Recording what and where things are planted in the garden is always a challenge. I like to add the date because now I have years of data and it’s surprising to realize how much time has passed since some things were planted. I used to just list the plant but now, like you, I add notes about where it is located. Glad you had time to get some planting done.

    • I have made various attempts in the past, but this notebook with detailed descriptions doesn’t take a minute to fill in when I come in from the garden… hope I can keep it up!

  3. That was a lot of weather all in one day! I actually drove to work this morning in fog. That’s the first of any indication the weather might be changing. It was still a hot day, but I was excited just to see change. πŸ™‚ I like the idea of keeping a garden planner. I might have more consistent successes if I actually took notes. You’re an inspiration, Cathy!

    • We’ve had a few morning mists. Fog will be our late autumn weather… usually in November… I am trying not think of it! I shall just concentrate on the present – and Golden October – instead. πŸ˜€ Thanks for your lovely comment Debra!

  4. Hi Cathy, I try to keep a vegetable garden 5 year diary, I know when I’ve been busy as there are lots of blanks…. Best laid plans and all of that, but when I am disciplined its a good way to see what worked and what did not all on one page. Your garden looks lovely as always.

    • I must be disciplined and fill it in as soon as I come in from the garden, or I shall forget! I also have to update what worked and what didn’t… I started the list in spring and quite a few plants were eaten by snails in our spring deluge. Thanks for stopping by Julie!

  5. Days when you have a lot of weather are always interesting πŸ™‚ We had the rain, hail, wind bit on Monday Cathy but the sunshine was in short supply. Hope that you have completed the record keeping of your new planting.

  6. So nice to have some rain, then have it clear. I am worried about “weeding” out newly planted bulbs, plants, and seedlings next spring, too. I need to become less aggressive in my weeding, but when I see all the weeds that invade my bed, I wonder if that would be a good thing!

  7. I think I shall just take photos as I plant them so I can remember what is where and I do not dig them up as weeds πŸ™‚

  8. Such a good idea documenting where things are! I’ve literally lost so many plants and I’m sure it’s because I’ve forgotten they were there and planted over them, let them get grown over or accidentally dug them over! Same with my pots. I’m not always sure if there’s something living in them at certain times of the year!! I’ve replanted so many pots. That reminds me? Where was my lovely chrysanthemum this year??!! Oh dear…

    • Lovely to hear from you again Anna! πŸ˜‰ I started using plant labels, but realised so many plants die back and the labels float around with mulch and compost or get trampled on… LOL! Hope this method works!

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