Planning for Spring!

Over the last couple of years my bulb-planting has been quite enthusiastic. I think it was some tulips that inspired me a few years back. And since they don’t always return, either due to uprooting by squirrels, nibbling by mice, or lack of care on my part, I realised I must plant more every year to sustain a decent show.

This year I have gone mad on daffodils after deciding there is a distinct lack of their cheery faces in my rockery each spring. My order included the large flowered “Carlton”, then a white daffodil called “Thalia” which is also called “Angels’ Tears” (an experiment for me as I’m not sure daffodils should be anything but yellow!), two small botanical ones “Tete à Tete” and “Rip van Winkle”, and the sweet little Jonquil “Suzy” which has lots of flowers on each stem.


Photo from Wikipedia

Parrot tulips were also a must after such beauties as this one (Estella Rijnveld’) over the last two years…

Estella Tulip

The ones I chose for this autumn’s planting are called “Rai” – a deep violet with green “highlights”.

I have also re-ordered some old favourites… these tulips Tulipa kaufmanniana ‘Heart’s Delight’ truly do delight…

Tulipa Hearts Delight

And I love these almost pure white ones with a purple-blue centre too – Tulipa humilis var pulchella  ‘Albocaerulea’

Tulipa humilis var pulchella 'Albocoerulea'

I shall be trying a few new things too, including Gladiolus communis ssp. byzantinus: a hardy gladiolus – with small and delicate pink flowers – that apparently loves poor soil and dry conditions. Perfect for the rockery.
And Allium “Silverspring”, which is silvery white with a purple speck at the centre of each tiny flower.

With a few crocuses and snowdrops thrown in I have a lot of work to do…


Are you planting any bulbs this autumn? Old favourites or new ones? Would love to hear what you’ve chosen!