Tuesday at Two (October 1st)

Happy October!

Here’s the two o’clock photo for this week…


And a zoom in on the acer…


Today the sun took a while to make it through the clouds, but by late afternoon it was beautiful.

Although the sun was shining right into my lens, I love this view across the rockery with the Miscanthus at the bottom


Let’s hope we get lots of golden October sunshine!

35 thoughts on “Tuesday at Two (October 1st)

    • Well, our soil is pretty chalky too… it was there when we moved to this house, almost engulfed in seeds and juniper bushes, so it has survived some tough conditions!

    • Acer palmatum copes with the heat very well due to its leaf shape and rarely gets singed… it’s in the hottest and driest part of the rockery too! I suppose a cool year would help though, to get one established. Ours must have been there for over 30 years.

    • I think the garden was properly designed in the seventies… and then neglected and left to do its own thing until we came along! The tree in the background is Acer tataricum – beautiful colours, but unfortunately the leaves fall very rapidly once they’ve turned red.

  1. The final photo is definitely my favorite! It’s just a beautiful garden, Cathy. I hope you have some time to just sit and enjoy it. It will be getting cold soon, I suspect! That afternoon sunshine looks lovely!

    • Thank you Debra – yes, a little too chilly to sit in the garden already, but I actually prefer to work in it than sit as I see it from lots of different angles then!

    • The autumn weather is very calm and certainly does make the garden seem a tranquil place – lovely for freeing the mind and switching off for a couple of hours now and then! Hope your October is golden and peaceful Nancy!

  2. A most happy October to you Cathy. Our Tuesday weather was not brilliant – drab, breezy and with a hint of rain in the air that did not happen. Definitely looking autumnal in your neck of the woods now as it is here.

    • I hope your weather has cheered up – It’s been beautiful for a few days here, but very cold with a north-east wind. Very autumny now. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. How gorgeous! I hope you have a lovely golden october too. It’s raining very heavily here. Adam has just cycled home in it, drowned rat springs to mind!!

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