Tuesday at Two (October 8th)

Today’s view… after a misty start the sun came through at lunchtime.


The acers are probably at their best now. Keeping this record of the garden has been invaluable… next month I’ll have completed the whole year, and am already thinking of a new view.

But this is most definitely my favourite view this October (taken Monday 7th, midday)

My FavouriteOctoberView

Have you got some nice colour near you?

41 thoughts on “Tuesday at Two (October 8th)

    • It’s a good year this autumn for colour. This acer always looks its best early October, but there are still many colours to come with the beech and sycamores in the woods.

  1. In our garden the “Felsenbirne” has a wonderful autumn colouring, a mixture of red, brown, orange and yellow. Besides I love the deep colours of autumn asters. We have four different tones. And not to forget my mallows in white and pink!
    Your Japanese Acer is a beauty, Cathy!

    • The journal has made me look much harder at the garden, especially in winter and spring… Do try it Jason! I haven’t joined in with any of the other “memes” as I can’t always post at the right times, but this works for me.

  2. It’s been fun following your Tues. view–hard to believe almost a year has passed. The second view with the acer is beautiful. The color is slow so far but it got cooler over the weekend so maybe plants will start showing some autumn spirit soon.

    • Yes, time flies Susie! The cold nights last week got the colours changing here, so perhaps your cooler spell will trigger off some autumn golds in your area too.

  3. Mind you, Cathy, i do like your favourite view too and who wouldn’t?! Just makes me think I should get serious about these Acers. I have Acer griseum which I adore but I do like the smallish ones as well and should be able to include one or two. It’s actually still very green in the garden but no doubt it’ll come soon. Very warm and sunny, so I shall enjoy it for another while.

    • I’d recommend everyone to try growing an acer for autumn colour. We were so lucky this one was here and survived some neglect before we arrived. (It was surrounded by ivy and juniper bushes and under overhanging branches!)

  4. Has it really been almost a year already? It’s been lovely to watch your view change through the seasons – the autumn colours are looking great. The leaves are just starting to turn here – horse chestnuts first, and in the garden the greengage leaves are starting to turn yellow to match the fruit.

    • We only see horse chestnut trees in beer gardens or parks here, but there is one outside our garden fence at a little cross that was put up by a local family. There’s a picnic table under it for hikers along the footpath and it’s quite picturesque. I must see if its leaves are turning yet.

  5. Your yard is so lovely Cathy. Wow…especially at this time of year, you still have so much color. Petty much over here everything withered in the summer sun then got rained on in early autumn rains…oh well, at least the leaves on the tress are changing. Have a great week my friend. πŸ™‚

  6. That is a great idea to photograph one area of your garden throughout the year. I agree – the acers are fabulous. Maybe one day I’ll figure out what they need to live here!

    • I think well-drained soil is the key to ours having survived so well. It got a fungus a few years ago and one branch died, so we acted quickly and treated it and it seems to have recovered completely. πŸ˜€ Thanks for stopping by Holley!

  7. The maples’ colour truly is beautiful and your whole late summer/early autumn outlook is lush and warm! Colours in my garden: [laughter] lilacs blooming, both the modern bicolours and the dainty Estonian whites; the first weeping rose blossoms in their apricot glory; white star jasmine surrounding my Hill’s Hoist [ πŸ™‚ ! for laundry!] first few hundred baby agapanthus buds rising day by day . . .

  8. Oh Cathy! What a beautiful shot! It is my favorite too out of all the T@T that I’ve seen. Love the Acer and the beautiful grass nearby and the other textures in that shot.

    • Thanks Andrea! It even looks good at this time of year when the sun doesn’t make it through low cloud and mist. Like a lamp in the garden. πŸ˜‰

  9. This really is an exquisite view, Cathy. The colors are really wonderful. I hope you do choose another perspective to share for a year. That would be fun. You have really inspired me to be more intentional in my garden planning to really focus on “the view” it would create from a distance. I think sometimes I consider the “up close” but I don’t mass enough. You’ve given me lots to think about. πŸ™‚

    • You know Debra, that is the same effect it has had on me! I have always “zoomed” in on individual plants, but looking across the garden every week has broadened my horizons, so-to-speak! So far the view has been unplanned, but slowly I shall adjust things for more harmony. Thanks for your comment Debra! πŸ˜€

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