I Spy, With My Little Eye…

… something beginning with “B”, basking in the autumn sunshine…


I actually didn’t notice the butterfly until looking at the photos later!

I was focussing on the Euphorbia in the centre. It is Euphorbia myrsinites, and loves this position in the rockery. The conditions are ideal for it; very dry, full sun, and chalky soil. I’ve read they can be invasive in some states in the US, but have never heard of them spreading much here. Has anyone experienced this?


A Stipa tenuissima has been planted behind it, and the pale lilac aster is Aster pyrenaeus ‘Lutetia’. It likes this spot too. In fact, I think it has become my favourite aster, as it looks so fresh and drapes itself so elegantly over the other plants!


What’s your favourite plant at the moment?