Beyond the Garden Gate

Now that the large maple at the bottom of the garden has shed its leaves, the panorama of the wooded hillside beyond enticed me to go out with my camera…


A lovely blue sky!


The autumn colours are perhaps more subtle than in some areas, but for us the patchwork effect across our mixed woodlands is breathtaking…


The Euonymus bushes all along by the canal are a lovely mix of pink and orange now.


And that sky just got better and better!


Let’s hope we have a sunny winter this year!

46 thoughts on “Beyond the Garden Gate

  1. This is what I miss in our neck of the woods: the mixed woodlands and the many deciduous trees. We have gone to New England a couple of times for that! But here in Portland, OR we have so many fir trees and evergreens that we don’t have that vista of color like you have. (I must say we excel in Acers though…..) It’s nice to see the view beyond your regular shots Cathy. Stunning! Thank you.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the “wider” view Susan. It’s been the best year for autumn colour for a long time. I love our mixed woodlands in spring too, when we get all the different shades of green. 😀

    • Thanks Christina! It’s not always as colourful as this year, but we do have a nice mix of browns and yellows in any year from the beech, hornbeam, sycamores etc.

    • There are plenty of footpaths all through the woods and along the canal. I still haven’t explored them all, but have a couple of favourite spots. 😉

  2. Oh those views must have a strong magnetic pull about them Cathy. Glorious autumn foliage and a brilliant sky too in your last photo. You must have returned home from your wanders invigorated.

  3. Thanks for sharing the wider context, Cathy. Very enjoyable, I always wondered how it looks outside your garden gate. What kind of a canal is this? I think your autumn colours are beautiful and that we’re both very privileged to live in such beautiful landscapes.

    • The canal links the Main and Danube, but is actually built in the bed of a former river, so the banks and surrounding area are typical river valley landscapes. Yes, we are very fortunate. 😀

    • I’m hopeful – two grey winters in a row would be statistically unusual, not to say unfair! There’s nearly always some blue somewhere here, usually looking north, but we get a lot of mist and low cloud in the valley in November.

  4. oh my Cathy–what stunning photos. So nice. I wish I could step through the screen.

    I think somehow I stopped getting your posts in my inbox, but hopefully you are back. I wondered what happened to you–I missed you! 🙂

  5. I am stunned! So beautiful!! There’s only one word I can think of and that’s WOW! You’re so lucky to live in such an amazing place 🙂 Thank you for sharing!!!

    • And thank you for your lovely comment Anna! I do realise how lucky I am living here. When we first moved here it was also autumn, and every day when I drove home I would say “wow!” out loud! I still think that very often, mostly when the seasons are changing. Thanks for stopping by Anna!

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