Plumbago – Take 3

I posted about this gorgeous plant here in 2011, and here in 2012. Sorry for being repetitive, but I love it so much I’m going to rave about it again!

Ceratostigma plumbaginoides

Or leadwort or plumbago (Chinesische Bleiwurz)


It looks fairly fragile, but looks can be deceptive. It is very frost-hardy, and despite the drought for over 7 weeks in the summer, in mid-August it started producing fresh leaves and buds. By late August the first flowers opened. All through September it flowered its heart out. Now the best part comes, in October… still producing these beautiful blue flowers the foliage also starts to turn reddish brown.


It is wonderful ground cover, looking pretty next to late Nigella and Acquilegia leaves. But it does need a well-drained sunny spot to do well.


Do you grow Plumbago?

I Spy, With My Little Eye…

… something beginning with “B”, basking in the autumn sunshine…


I actually didn’t notice the butterfly until looking at the photos later!

I was focussing on the Euphorbia in the centre. It is Euphorbia myrsinites, and loves this position in the rockery. The conditions are ideal for it; very dry, full sun, and chalky soil. I’ve read they can be invasive in some states in the US, but have never heard of them spreading much here. Has anyone experienced this?


A Stipa tenuissima has been planted behind it, and the pale lilac aster is Aster pyrenaeus ‘Lutetia’. It likes this spot too. In fact, I think it has become my favourite aster, as it looks so fresh and drapes itself so elegantly over the other plants!


What’s your favourite plant at the moment?

Tuesday at Two (October 8th)

Today’s view… after a misty start the sun came through at lunchtime.


The acers are probably at their best now. Keeping this record of the garden has been invaluable… next month I’ll have completed the whole year, and am already thinking of a new view.

But this is most definitely my favourite view this October (taken Monday 7th, midday)

My FavouriteOctoberView

Have you got some nice colour near you?

Gold at my feet

As I slip into my pale autumn complexion,

my garden goes to town

in orange and brown


As I feel the light slowly being stolen,

my garden scatters golds and yellows

regardless of shadows


As I fear the oncoming chill and grey of winter,

my garden wraps me tight

in its vibrant glow of warm light


As I watch colours fade and plants decay,

my garden is ablaze

with treasures


And as I drop spring bulbs into the rapidly cooling soil, I find this…


Tuesday at Two (October 1st)

Happy October!

Here’s the two o’clock photo for this week…


And a zoom in on the acer…


Today the sun took a while to make it through the clouds, but by late afternoon it was beautiful.

Although the sun was shining right into my lens, I love this view across the rockery with the Miscanthus at the bottom


Let’s hope we get lots of golden October sunshine!