The End of a Season

We have had no hard frosts yet, but as autumn slides into winter the chilly, damp and grey November weather has put an end to any colour in the garden…. or has it? Let’s look a little closer and see what we can find.

First of all, my patio planter. This plant with berries is called Gaultheria procumbens, and they are common seasonal plants here sold for winter containers.


A silver leaf in the planter adds to the festive look – all we need now is some snow!


A few steps further across the patio, and we can see the Persicaria amplexicaulis in the rockery, rising up against the golden Euonymous.


From the patio this apricot rose is also drawing attention to itself – just the one bloom still.


And across the top lawn we pass the Clematis tangutica – it was new in spring and flowered moderately, with all the silky seed heads remaining intact.


Just opposite the clematis the Rugosa Rose hips still look lovely – I couldn’t bring myself to pick them, so no rosehip syrup again!


In the dry part of the rockery the Euphorbia are now a lovely sight, where almost everything else has died back.


Physalis alkekengi – like golden lanterns suspended on their ghostly stems.


The occasional red leaf..


And a couple of wild strawberries…


Weeds (Fleabane) on the compost heap…


And some lush green moss!


Who said there’s no colour out there? I just needed to look a little harder!

Is anything providing you with colour in your November garden?