Advent 2013

It’s December, and the first Sunday in Advent, which means that over the past few days our village has slowly been lit up with tree lights and sparkly garden decorations. I love the way that people here in Bavaria wait until Advent, and the more subdued white lights are far more common than models of sleighs or flashing colourful decorations.

I’ve decided to post a favourite flower for each Sunday in Advent, telling you why I like them too. Perhaps you’d like to join me? Here’s the first one:


Aquilegia vulgaris are graceful, decorative, take up little space, flower for weeks on end and don’t mind drought. They attract insects and especially bees, and sway elegantly in the early summer breeze. The paler shades are so delicate, but dark purples, blues and reds can also look rather dramatic between the late tulips and early ground cover of June. They self-seed easily, and are otherwise carefree, trouble-free and show green almost all through the winter. I have so many seedlings again this year and am looking forward to seeing what colours will prevail next spring!


Hope you have a peaceful run-up to Christmas, with time for the good things in life.