Second Sunday in Advent 2013

This week involved some rather stormy weather, some baking (Christmas cookies), a sprinkling of snow and a visit to the Christmas market… I am definitely getting in the Christmas spirit now!

And you?

Each Advent Sunday I am posting a favourite flower to brighten these dark December days. The one I have chosen for today is a poppy, Papaver somniferum, which I saw in a botanical garden in the summer. Isn’t it gorgeous!


Since I haven’t actually grown this kind of poppy yet, I cannot say much about its habits, but I can say why I like it… I adore its brash frilliness; the pure untidiness of those silken petals is what appeals to me! And the colour of course, with the hint of purple at the heart of it and the pale yellowy-green “star” at the centre. I grow oriental poppies and they always bring such life into the rockery in May/June, so I am hoping that the Opium Poppy seeds Pauline ( generously sent me, along with some from a friend and some I managed to order from the UK (they must be considered illegal here in Germany! 😉 ), will all germinate and create a loud floral “WOW” in my garden next summer!

Have you ever grown Papaver somniferum?

Have a lovely week, and enjoy the run-up to Christmas!