Third Sunday in Advent 2013

Through Advent this year I have been picking out favourite flowers and saying why I like them. This week’s flower is a white Peony, given to me by a friend several years ago, so I cannot say what kind it is.


It flowers in June and the main reason for loving it is the wonderful perfume that wafts across the garden for a couple of weeks – sometimes longer. But it is also a signal that spring has turned to summer as the last tulips fade and the sun gets stronger. The little spots of pink on the petal edges are a detail that becomes more prominent as the flower unfolds into huge frilly heads. Yes, they tend to flop over, especially if it rains heavily, but the past few years I have managed to stake them early enough, and a rainshower is the perfect excuse to cut some and bring them indoors to enjoy the scent to the full!

Do you grow flowers for their perfume? What’s your favourite?


Enjoy the third week of Advent everyone!