Tuesday View (17th December)

Before I show you the view today,

Happy Birthday Mum!

Here’s a picture for you as a reminder of what summer has in store next year!


And here’s the view today, 8.30am, – 4°C, just as the golden morning sunlight came over the hill to shine on the birch trees…


Hope you all have some sunshine today – especially since the days ar so short right now.


30 thoughts on “Tuesday View (17th December)

    • Thank you Christina! The frost and sunshine was lovely yesterday, but back to mist and fog today. Down near the river it is shady and everything is still white from yesterday morning!

  1. Wow! At first I was thinking what is Cathy doing… that can’t be the picture for this Tuesday! I LOVE the summer pic but was pleasantly surprised with the Tuesday pic too. Very pretty colors. A great time of day to shoot. Happy Birthday to your mum, mine was yesterday!

  2. Bees and sunshine….Love it! There was a burst of sun here today. I soaked up what I could. Even though it’s chilly, I can’t help but be outside when the sun is. Your pictures are great! Hope your mom’s day was special.

    • Thank you Amelia! My Mum is a real nature lover and always considers the bees, insects, birds and other wildlife in her garden! It’s cold now, but still no sign of snow… A green Christmas again I suspect!

  3. A lovely photo for your mums birthday…I hope she had a lovely day. It was -4 F here yesterday and we got 6 inches of snow on top of the 10 already on the ground so it is nice to think about summer flowers. 🙂

    • Wow, so much snow Karen! We will most likely have a green Christmas this year, But then I had a hunch we wouldn’t get a bad winter… still, there’s January to come yet! Thanks for your good wishes, and keep warm!

  4. Lavender conjures up so many lovely summer thoughts, a lovely photo for your mum’s birthday too. No picturesque frost here, but lots of strong wind and rain tonight. Sunshine due tomorrow though and planning to be outside all day to make the most of it.

    • Very chilly here, yes! It has been below zero for a few days now (in the day too). Perhaps we’ll all have a nice white frost on Christmas morning… almost as good as snow!

  5. Catching up on posts as I’ve been away for a couple of days to celebrate my mum’s 89th birthday which was also on the 17th December. Hope that your mum enjoyed her special day too Cathy 🙂

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