Tuesday View (14th January) and some Blues

Winter still hasn’t really arrived, although it has been cold and frosty again. And wet. Grey. Triste.



On a more positive note:

On the sheltered side of the garden beneath those birch trees, where more sunlight falls in winter, one of my ground cover plants has been amazing me for months; Veronica umbrosa/peduncularis ‘Georgian Blue’ actually flowers in May or June and then stops flowering for me until about October, when it bounces back with a burst of indigo petals. But this winter it has just gone on and on.


It is always evergreen, forming a lovely thick and glossy carpet with its dark green foliage, but the flowers are a bonus at the moment!

Do you grow this type of Veronica?


The other blue I noticed recently was the sky. On one of the sunny days we had last week, while looking up at the skeletons of the silver birch trees the fresh green of this fir tree caught my eye against the wintry blue and whispy white.


Wishing you all blue skies this week.