Tuesday View (14th January) and some Blues

Winter still hasn’t really arrived, although it has been cold and frosty again. And wet. Grey. Triste.



On a more positive note:

On the sheltered side of the garden beneath those birch trees, where more sunlight falls in winter, one of my ground cover plants has been amazing me for months; Veronica umbrosa/peduncularis ‘Georgian Blue’ actually flowers in May or June and then stops flowering for me until about October, when it bounces back with a burst of indigo petals. But this winter it has just gone on and on.


It is always evergreen, forming a lovely thick and glossy carpet with its dark green foliage, but the flowers are a bonus at the moment!

Do you grow this type of Veronica?


The other blue I noticed recently was the sky. On one of the sunny days we had last week, while looking up at the skeletons of the silver birch trees the fresh green of this fir tree caught my eye against the wintry blue and whispy white.


Wishing you all blue skies this week.


39 thoughts on “Tuesday View (14th January) and some Blues

  1. Your long flowering veronica reminds me that I saw a hardy fuchsia this afternoon which was still in flower and showing buds to come. Thanks for the blue sky wishes Cathy πŸ™‚

    • πŸ˜€ I hardly ever see hardy fuchsias here, as the winters usually finish them off. I’m hoping this mild winter will give some of my plants a headstart in spring.

  2. What a tough little cookie – love the little dots of colour.
    I spoke to my mum this evening and she said there was snow in the mountains but still not ‘proper winter’ as you’d expect.
    I noticed the first dwarf irises today!! But Britain is always a lot milder during the winter.

    • How lovely Chava! That is the advantage of the British climate… there are flowers in bloom almost right through the winter. I don’t think I’ll see any bulbs appear for a while yet here, despite the mild weather.

    • Although it stops flowering in the summer heat it doesn’t seem to suffer except for a little scorching. It’s in one of the driest spots too. I love it along the edge of the pathway as it tends to overflow without becoming a problem.

  3. Love the new banner Cathy – a very striking image! Hard to believe that last year we were complaining about the winter never ending, and 12 months later there are flowers in the garden in January. The Veronica is very pretty though – the foliage as well as the flowers.

    • Yes, last winter was so long and grey – doesn’t it seem a long time ago now, looking back! I’m so glad for this flower, which I walk past several times a day, and for the pansies I planted in the autumn too. They haven’t had to cope with being frozen in their pots… yet! πŸ˜‰

  4. Hope you have lots more uplifting blue sky Cathy. Distinctly grey here at the moment but I can see the ruby red of chard stems and red chicory cheering me – at least there’s always a little colour to be found!

    • Thank you Andrea. There is never enough blue sky here in winter, but today we were lucky again! Glad you’ve got a little colour to focus on too… I think spring will be early this year. (She says optimistically!) πŸ˜‰

  5. I love visiting other blogs especially at this time of the year – and get so many surprises about climate in other places – and what that means for the garden. Beautiful blog.

    • Thank you – so glad you stopped by. πŸ˜€ I have just seen a button on your site for the A-Z Challenge in April… It’s a busy gardening month, but perhaps I can join in. We’ll see!

    • Thanks Susie – the header is so typical of what’s going on in the garden here right now – the moss is slowly taking over and is even growing over the flower beds! (Excellent insulation if we do ever get any really cold temperatures this winter.) πŸ˜€ Hope all’s well with you!

  6. I’ve never heard of Veronica, though I imagine it grows in the UK. Like you it’s grey and damp here, and getting colder but still no snow – I don;t reckon we;ll get any in my part, by the sea. As you say: triste. At least we have spring to look forward to!

    • Hi Claire. These blues are quite welcome, but don’t want any of the other blues this winter! πŸ˜‰ Everyone is having the same mild weather here in Europe – such a contrast to last winter. Hope you’ve had enough snow on your skiing trip as the resorts in the Alps have been churning out the artificial stuff like crazy to keep their slopes open!

  7. Even without the fall bloom, that looks like quite the reliable veronica. I’ll need to keep an eye out for it, part shade groundcovers can always find a spot around here.

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