Tuesday View (25th February)

It has been a beautiful spring-like day today, with sunshine and temperatures reaching double figures.

Walking around the garden was a real pleasure, and standing beneath the hazel tree I realized I could hear a gentle buzzzzzzz…


There were lots of bees up there, and look at that blue sky!


The hazel flowers are open too…


There are signs of life all over the garden, with snowdrops, a few Hepatica buds and a couple more Hellebores opening…


And a single Vinca flower in the shade…


Here’s the view for today.


I managed to start tidying up later in the day, removing winter debris and trimming the lavenders etc. There are some sedum and aquilegia shoots just visible, and some spring bulbs are slowly sprouting. 😀 It feels wonderful to be out gardening again, and so early in the year too!

Is it warming up in your garden yet?