Flower Pot Cakes

Happy Spring Equinox!

(5.57pm Central European Time)

I started to celebrate spring early this year, and did a little “potting up” a couple of weeks ago…



Yes, they are edible! 😉

This was such fun to create. I just made some chocolate cupcakes, stuck them in pots, added a little buttercream and covered them with more crumbled cupcake. You need a thick straw in the middle, or little glass tubes like in the photo below (I buy my vanilla beans in them), some fresh flowers, and a guest or two to help you eat them… and admire them in between bites! 😉


I found some vegetarian jelly worms some time ago, saved for the occasion, and the pots were bought last year with this project in mind… I decided to just bake the cupcakes as normal in paper cases and pop them in the pots afterwards.


If, like me, you have given up cake for Lent, this may be a nice idea for Easter…?


I’d like to mention Donna’s meme Seasonal Celebrations here. At Gardens Eye View Donna’s site is full of fabulous photos and snippets of information and folklore about wild flowers and native plants. If you haven’t already visited, do take a look at her site and some of the contributors to her meme this spring.


How are you going to celebrate spring?