And Then There Was Light


I recently read on a German website how, with the increasing intensity of the light in spring, those “living close to nature” experience “a mild state of euphoria” and a feeling of well-being as a result of the extra shot of serotonin and dopamine the light produces.


What an understatement!


The photo above shows my spring corner under the Yew tree. First the snowdrops, then crocus, scillas, daffodils, corydalis, and still to come are the tulips and epimedium. It’s my favourite part of the garden in spring.

What grows in your favourite spring corner?

52 thoughts on “And Then There Was Light

  1. Beautiful! Nothing sprouts yet, but it was very mild out today so I spent a few hours cleaning my backyard. Just the chance to touch and smell the dirt alone made me feel euphoric. I need to plant more yellow flowers. They look so cheerful!

    • Oh yes, I love that damp earthy smell in spring too. And more yellow flowers for spring are definitely likely to help that euphoria along! πŸ˜‰

  2. My parrot tulips are ready to pop in a few days–there are pots full of them all over the patio spaces, with pansies on top that the tulips have grown through. It is so pretty! A few large swaths of Forsythia make a bright statement in the far reaches of the garden, camellias and helleborus have been in their glory for a few months. Portland is having an unusual spate of warm weather.

    • I’m a great fan of parrot tulips Susan. I think they’ll need a couple more weeks though here as I’ve got mine in the ground. My Mum grows her tulips in pots too – to protect them from the squirrels! Glad you’re getting some warm weather – it seems you’ve escaped the cold they have had in the East.

  3. I love the daffodils! My iris are just starting to bloom, and they are always my first really significant signs of spring. I just love them. I’m so glad you’re getting some sunshine, Cathy! You must be feeling that euphoria, too!

    • It has been so lovely to work or sit outdoors and soak up some sunshine… but today was back down to 6Β°C and rain and sleet! The forecast is better though. πŸ˜€ Have a great week Debra!

    • I bet it’s looking lovely in your bit of woodland now Pauline. Spring took the day off today and we had sleet 😦 but hopefully it will be back soon!

  4. that’s very pretty Cathy and I can see there are lots more flowers to come. My favourite spring bloom? I think you can guess, the Anemone Sylphide that has been flowering for so long!

    • There are tulips opening already, and today’s rain has worked miracles out there. I quite understand why you love that anemone. I must try growing them too.

    • Winter made a brief farewell appearance today (hope it was a farewell anyway!) but I think we’ve seen the last of real cold here. Enjoy your spring Eddy. πŸ˜€

  5. Beautiful pics! I’m looking forward to the Spanish bluebells and dogwood blooms. We have another blast of cold headed our way, however. Fingers crossed it doesn’t do too much damage.

    • Thanks Marian! Spanish bluebells don’t grow in southern Germany but they have a bad name in the UK for threatening the native English ones. Both are lovely, but the English ones smell wonderful and attract the bees. Do the Spanish ones smell nice too? Hope your cold weather isn’t too bad. We had a brief return to winter today and it made me realise how spoilt we have been recently!

    • Keep smiling and hoping! Not long till April now, which will surely mean spring for you too. Although there is a saying here “April, April, der macht was er will” – April does at it pleases!

  6. A mild state of euphoria–all the more reason to be out in the garden! I think there must be some truth in that. I don’t remember seeing your spring corner before–it’s aptly named and full of delight.

    • I think the sunlight is good for the body too, not just the mind. πŸ˜‰ Today’s rain has brought on so many plants – you can almost watch things growing out there!

  7. I don’t have a spring corner, but seeing yours I think there probably should be one in the garden. That’s a great collection of spring flowers – hope you’ll share another photo when the tulips are out.

    • The first tulips are opening already, but they go on forever under the yew tree so I shall definitely try and get some photos. I’m so pleased with that corner as it really does make the driveway look cheerful!

  8. So lovely and cheerful pictures, Cathy! In my spring garden there are flowering just now daffodils, primroses, some late crocus, blue white and pale pink hyacinths, violets, scillas, white and red “Lerchensporn”, two blue hepaticas, blue “ImmergrΓΌn”, one pink pulmonaria and the cheerful yellow forsythia… and … a rosemary at its sheltered place south of the house wall. Love them all these signs of spring! Have a good week, Cathy!

    • Hello Elisabeth. It sounds as if your garden is looking really good – the rain brought on so much too. The ImmergrΓΌn are called Periwinkle in English – a funny name! My Pulmonarias are also slowly all coming into flower. I have pink, white, blue and red with various shades in between! πŸ˜€ Hope you have a good week too! πŸ˜€

      • I especially love your “Sissinghurst White” Pulmonaria, Cathy! My blue one unfortunately disappeared.

  9. I love your spring corner, it has all the little goodies that make spring so special, and the small daffodils are some of my favorites. They still have the look of wildflowers and mix so well with other early spring bloomers.
    Golden forsythia against the blue sky is really a dose of brightness!

    • That’s true, the little daffodils almost pass as wild flowers – yellow is definitely THE colour for spring and I need as much of it as I can get! πŸ˜€ Hope your spring is now progressing Frank. πŸ˜€

  10. My daffodils are also up, along with some self-seeded Alyssum. I planted pink impatiens over the weekend as well. We’re finally getting a bit more rain (we’re in a serious drought) so it is most welcome. Love your garden, Cathy.

    • The sunshine has been wonderful the last couple of weeks – not every day but far more of it than we got last spring! I am feeling the difference too! πŸ˜€

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