Tuesday View (25th March)

As March comes to an end we have already seen some of the capriciousness normally assigned to April. With temperatures reaching almost 20°C late last week , we have since had frost, rain, sleet and hail, and a bitter cold wind!

But the rain has worked wonders and the view is slowly getting greener….


I couldn’t resist another photo of my blue Pulmonaria angustifolia ‘Azurea’, with its smooth, unmarked leaves… I love Pulmonarias and will try to do a post on them soon.


I must admit to chopping this flowering quince (Chaenomeles) down to the ground every year in the hope it will disappear… I hate those thorns! It keeps appearing though, and the flower IS rather lovely…


The Spring Corner is developing nicely, and the Corydalis solida has opened completely. I think this one is called ‘GP Baker’.


Just as I am about to press “publish” the sun has come through… hope it shines for you too this week.


54 thoughts on “Tuesday View (25th March)

    • Thanks Sarah – the quince are VERY resilient – almost impossible to kill off I think! So don’t worry about chopping them about – they grow back very quickly!

  1. Awesome view! We will have 50 mph winds and blowing snow tonight and through tomorrow but I will be going to check on our Pansies a local greenhouse is growing for our Fundraiser I can not wake to SEE COLOR and not WHITE 🙂 soon very soon 🙂

      • Thanks well the snow just missed our area but the nasty winds will come but we do not have to shovel 🙂 very happy day now as long as the trees stay strong and hold on tight we will see a few degrees warmer each day 🙂 Come on April! lol

  2. I love your P. angustifolia Azurea, such vibrant blue flowers, no wonder you like it! My Corydalis is now seeding around so soon I should be able to move them to different places in the woodland.
    We have had a lovely sunny day, but now the rain has arrived!

  3. A beautiful day here today. The Pulmonarias are wonderful at the moment and the Corydalis are a delight. I love Corydalis George Baker but they are all lovely seeding around in different shades.

    • I hope my Corydalis will spread too. The Pulmonarias have seeded themselves in past years, but I think it depends on the weather how successful they are as I have lots of very dry spots in the garden.

  4. I dug a flowering quince out of our garden about six years ago. The roots are not solid like trees but compacted and plaited together like rope. It was back breaking to remove. I still get the odd tiny shoot appearing. My neighbour has one that doesn’t seem to bother her and I always like to go over and watch the bees on it.

  5. A mix of chilly rain and drying winds here today, and I suspect another frost overnight. We had some lovely sunshine yesterday though. Your Pulmonaria is quite different to the spotted leaved type which I have here, yours is rather lovely.

    • It’s the only one I’ve ever seen with completely green leaves – all my others are freckly. Sounds like our weather is the same at the moment.

        • Hi Steve, yes I gathered as much. The German word is almost the same as the English Lungwort – Lungenkraut. Do you know if it actually has any properties that help the lungs, or is it because of the typical freckles on the leaves that look like lungs?

          • I didn’t know the answer, but the Wikipedia article on Pulmonaria says this:

            “The scientific name Pulmonaria is derived from Latin pulmo (lung). In the times of sympathetic magic, the spotted oval leaves of P. officinalis were thought to symbolize diseased, ulcerated lungs, and so were used to treat pulmonary infections. The common name in many languages also refers to lungs, as in English ‘lungwort’ and German Lungenkraut. In some East European languages, the common name is derived from a word for honey, e.g. Russian medunitza and Polish miodunka. Other English colloquial names include soldiers and sailors, spotted dog, Joseph and Mary, Jerusalem cowslip, Bethlehem sage.”

  6. I have to admit that I’m very fond of chaenomeles and a lot of other thorny plants. Look at their flowers – so pretty! I planted even more in shades of apricot and salmon. As I said to Susie the other day, I wouldn’t mind cutting some of thir flowers to float in a bowl as there are so many. Your corydalis is very beautiful, Cathy. Temperatures are rising again. Thankfully no frost 🙂

    • Yes, it’s supposed to be warming up here for the end of the week again after some really chilly days and frosty nights. If I could get my cheanomeles out of the ground I’d send it to you! They are horrid roots though! 😉

  7. The slope looks nice, but I do like a blue sky background a whole lot more 😉 The thorns on your quince are brutal. I’ve admired these plants but never grown one… with thorns like that I’m ok with that decision, although like you say the flowers are beautiful…. and there are quite a few other colors out there!

    • Yes, blue skies are coming back this weekend – in fact today is looking promising. Of course, it’s Thursday… your spring is supposed to be arriving today. Hope it’s sunny!

  8. Oh I like pulmonarias too Cathy and have a few so look forward to seeing more of yours. There’s certainly been quite a bit of yo – yoing with regard to temperatures here recently 🙂

    • Hi Anna – we are having warm days witha a strong wind, and cold nights. I would love to put some plants outdoors and do some sowing, but don’t quite dare to yet!

  9. evening cathy, great to see more signs of spring. Your weather sounds very similar to ours right now – when it’s sunny it’s a delight though. And I’ll look forward to your post about Pulmonaria, the blue is really one of those true blues isn’t it.

    • Glad you’re getting some sun as well. I’m hoping for a nice long warm spring without extreme temperatures and with just enough rain! 😉

  10. Beautiful green everywhere – and so many pretty flowers already! So nice to see. Love that pulmonaria – what a brilliant blue! 🙂

    I think we had spring for 24 hours two weeks ago and that may be it for us, LOL! The snow clouds are stalled above us!

    • Hi Sheryl. Hope at least you get some blue skies for the weekend. Drab weather can really weigh you down. Keep smiling, and spring Will come!

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