Tuesday View (18th March)

Where did this last week go?

Here’s today’s view…


Let’s zoom in today…



I always feel that time passes far too quickly at this time of year. It’s time to stop a moment and drink in some of that sweet smelling air, absorb all that spring sunlight, and rest the eyes on some beautiful flowers….

Pulmonaria “Sissinghurst White”


Pulmonaria angustifolia ‘Azurea’




Viola odorata ‘Sulphurea’


Tulipa kaufmanniana “Early Harvest”


Crocus × cultorum ‘Jeanne d’Arc’






Have a lovely week and hope some sunshine comes your way.


In a Vase On Monday

There have been some lovely posts over the last few weeks with vases of flower arrangements on a Monday – organized by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.

I have been following Susie at pbm garden and Christina at My Hesperides Garden with their contributions, both admiring and envying their talent! When I saw Susie’s pretty daffodil post this morning I had, by coincidence, just picked some violets and put them in this little violet jug which I inherited from my Nanna many years ago…


A Bavarian Violet?

This fabulous warm spell lasted all week, and two days ago the first violets were spotted at the bottom of the garden…


I grow several different types of Violas in the garden beds, which mostly flower a little later. These are in the lawn and must be wild dog violets, Viola riviniana, as they don’t smell like Sweet Violets, Viola odorata.


…or are they? They do look so much like sweet violets.

I had a look at various sites on the internet and found that apparently dog violets hybridise with another darker viola (Viola reichenbachiana), which results in the Viola bavarica. A Bavarian violet! How lovely!

They are all very similar (to my eye at least), but the Bavarian one has a pale violet-coloured spur, whereas V. riviniana has a white spur and V. reichenbachiana a dark violet one. I’d like to think I have a Bavarian violet in my garden, as it would be fitting, but on taking a closer look mine still resemble Viola odorata most of all.


So why do they smell only very faintly? Any violet experts out there?!

Do you see wild violets near your home?

By the way, looking back at past spring photos I can say we are a full month ahead of last year, bloom-wise, if not more. And one or two weeks ahead of 2012 too!


A Spring Glow

I am dedicating this post to all my blogging friends suffering from a bitter cold and extremely long and persistent winter.

(i.e. in North America/Canada)

I know how you feel, as last year we had a very long and extremely grey winter – my vitamin D levels must have been down to zero by the time we finally got a sunny day!


Here are some sunshiny Narcissi with their cheerful faces, and a visitor… can you see her?


And Hepatica nobilis ‘White Forest’, a dazzling beauty reflecting light for you like a tiny beacon…


And finally here are the fat pink buds of the flowering currant, Ribes sanguineum. Full of hope and optimism, these will be the main attraction for the bees very soon.


Hope it warms up for you soon!

Tuesday View (11th March)

It’s been sunny and mild for several days now and I’m so enjoying being able to peel off a layer or two when working around the house and garden. Yesterday the first little daffodils flowered, and two of the early tulips opened… Even my Buddha is enjoying the sushine!


Today’s view shows the fantastic blue sky, and there is a single tiny yellow crocus in the middle of the rockery, barely visible but a sign of things to come.


So much to look forward to! 😀

What are you looking forward to most in your garden this year?