Tuesday View (1st April)

March was such a pleasant month – mostly sunny, occasionally breezy, and with some really warm days mixed in. But far too dry. I have actually had to water some individual plants, which I rarely do even in summer. This has slowed down the “greening” process, but I am certainly not complaining as spring always seems to be over far too quickly. Don’t you agree?

The view today…


And zooming in we can see some tiny daffodils – the frilly ones are called “Rip van Winkle”!


The tiny blue flowers are Aubretia – I’m not usually keen on them, but the bees love them…


The Spring Corner is still looking lovely even after the warm weather we’ve been having. Maybe the cool nights have helped…


Finally, I found this on the woodland path – two hazel catkins fell to form a heart. Aaah, so sweet. I just had to show you!


Have a happy week!