In a Vase on Monday: White, Blue and Yellow

I really pulled the stops out this week – three vases! To make up for missing last week 😉

These flowers were all gathered on Sunday, as we had been promised rain for later (which didn’t materialize… maybe tomorrow?). I enjoyed a few moments simply wandering, breathing in the scents of Spiraea, daydreaming as I snipped bits of this, strands of that…

The Spiraea has been flowering for a few days and has a delicate scent – not too strong for the sensitive noses in our house. The blue and white Brunnera looked good next to the white, and reminded me of the Bavarian colours blue and white; blue for the sky and white for the clouds.


My second vase used some of the Kerria japonica, also just starting to open. With some golden Euonymous from the rockery, some Euphorbia and a few young beech shoots the vase looked nice, but the addition of another sprig of Spiraea really lightened it up. It looks pretty against the copper over our chimney place.


My favourite, however, is this little posy of spring flowers… cowslips and wild hyacinths, brunnera, gold strawberry flowers and Lamium, with a couple of daisies thrown in. I love little arrangements; our dining room table is my favourite place to sit and work/eat/blog/read etc, and there is always space for a small vase there, while a larger one tends to get in the way.


I have never thought much about bringing flowers from my own garden into the house until joining in with Cathy’s meme at Rambling  in the Garden. It is so lovely to walk round the garden and concentrate on what to pick, and then to enjoy the flowers in a vase too. So thank you Cathy and all the other participants. Take a look at some of them linked to her post – all so inspiring! Perhaps you will be tempted to try it out…