In a Vase on Monday: White, Blue and Yellow

I really pulled the stops out this week – three vases! To make up for missing last week πŸ˜‰

These flowers were all gathered on Sunday, as we had been promised rain for later (which didn’t materialize… maybe tomorrow?). I enjoyed a few moments simply wandering, breathing in the scents of Spiraea, daydreaming as I snipped bits of this, strands of that…

The Spiraea has been flowering for a few days and has a delicate scent – not too strong for the sensitive noses in our house. The blue and white Brunnera looked good next to the white, and reminded me of the Bavarian colours blue and white; blue for the sky and white for the clouds.


My second vase used some of the Kerria japonica, also just starting to open. With some golden Euonymous from the rockery, some Euphorbia and a few young beech shoots the vase looked nice, but the addition of another sprig of Spiraea really lightened it up. It looks pretty against the copper over our chimney place.


My favourite, however, is this little posy of spring flowers… cowslips and wild hyacinths, brunnera, gold strawberry flowers and Lamium, with a couple of daisies thrown in. I love little arrangements; our dining room table is my favourite place to sit and work/eat/blog/read etc, and there is always space for a small vase there, while a larger one tends to get in the way.


I have never thought much about bringing flowers from my own garden into the house until joining in with Cathy’s meme at RamblingΒ  in the Garden. It is so lovely to walk round the garden and concentrate on what to pick, and then to enjoy the flowers in a vase too. So thank you Cathy and all the other participants. Take a look at some of them linked to her post – all so inspiring! Perhaps you will be tempted to try it out…



50 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: White, Blue and Yellow

    and I should have put my Kerria in with this little one I just came out of the rain getting LOLs
    its a miniature red rose I used myrtle,rosemary and a sprig of I think spiral boxwood
    you have made me want to go do more…
    I was planting veggies before the rain came but stayed and played in it with flowers πŸ™‚
    Your vase are stunning, I love your combinations…
    Thank you for sharing…
    Take Care…You Matter…

  2. You have been busy this week! All your vases are lovely and so full of that spring feeling. I think my favourite is the first, partly because I love the combination of blue and white but also because those cakes look so inviting.

    • Banana and nutella muffins Julie! πŸ˜‰ Yes, it was coffee and cake time on Sunday afternoon – another great German/Bavarian tradition!

  3. The Spirea is Bridal Veil isn’t it? I love your 3 vases. It is a lovely idea to have a little vase of flowers on your desk or the table where you write. Vita Sackville West always used to. I love to do this too.

    • It could be Chloris – looks the same in google photos as the Spiraea arguta I thought it was. I am pleased I clearly have similar habits to V.S.W! But then I’m sure many gardeners do the same!

  4. Thanks Chloris! Bridal Veil sounds right. Mine are all pink, but that white is elegant. I always have a vase of flowers nearby–it gives me the biggest pleasure to pick a bouquet for a vase. Your arrangements are so pretty Cathy. Pretty soon it will be lilac season and I’ll be hammering the bottom of the woody stems to have the lilacs last as long as possible.

    • I have a quite different Spiraea that is pink and flowers later. I thought this was S. arguta, but maybe that’s the same as bridal veil? Hammering lilac stems? I’ll have to remember that!

    • It is so hard to believe that parts of the world are still caught up in late winter storms, as we barely had any winter at all this year and spring came so early. Reports in the news confirmed what I already knew – we are three to four weeks ahead of “normal”! I do hope your spring gets going now Gwynne – have a good week!

  5. Oh Cathy, I love that you did three vases–all lovely. Really like the blue and white of the first. Does Euphorbia last long in water? I never thought to try it but it works well in your arrangement. The third one is just a charm, so balanced and cheerful.

    • Thank you Susie! The Euphorbia does last several days – I have often added some to small posies in the past. It’s nice because it acts as both “flower” and foliage!

    • If your spring is anything like ours, check again today! Only a few days ago I claimed not to have any peony buds, and then suddenly there they were – enormous fat buds in the first week of April! I staked the peonies last week – the earliest ever probably! Spring really is in a rush this year!

    • Thanks Christine. Posies are what I love best, and the garden nearly always has enough for such a little vase. πŸ˜€ I’m going to really try and do this weekly – it’s such a great idea and I have never made the effort to pick flowers regularly!

  6. Cathy, I don’t often do flowers ina vase – namely long stemmed vegetables, but I will have to now spring is here and your posies are truly singing spring – lovely colours.

  7. Absolutely beautiful, especially the third one which is so charming it almost breaks your heart. I could have told without knowing that you did it! I also like the way you set up the blue and white vase…and yummie your muffins πŸ˜‰

    • The cowslips always make me smile – I have a soft spot for them and have a patch of lawn where they have spread… it is carefully marked so it doesn’t get mowed by mistake!

  8. Each one more lovely than the last! I was going to ask about the Euphorbia, I haven’t tried it in any of my vases as I thought it would bleed its milk and kill the other flowers.

    • Thanks Michael! It has turned cooler here, so am hoping it will last a while longer in the garden. Spring has been rushing along I can hardly keep up!

  9. Sorry to be late popping in – I am trying to discipline myself to attend to blogging things a little less frequently! Aren’t your three vases lovely? I thought the spiraea was going to creep into the third vase for continuity but it would have been out of scale in the little posy, wouldn’t it. I have used brunnera successfully before too, and doesn’t it go well with both yellow and white?Love that third vase too. As the season goes on and the choice gets wider having more than one vase may be the way to go – I am already itching to use tulips, but will they still be pickable next week? I find this meme increasingly exciting and appreciate your enthusiasm πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comments Cathy! I have already started thinking about what to use next week too, and am enjoying having my own flowers all over the house instead of tulips from the supermarket! Thanks again, and have a great week. πŸ˜€

  10. Our snow has all but melted because of heavy rains…just a few patches in the shade. Daffodils are up about 4 inches but that is the only green we have. Love your spring bouquets, especially the yellow and blue combination. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Karen. We are well into spring now and I really do feel for you still waiting. I hope some warm air wafts in your direction and wakes up all your spring flowers reallly soon!

    • A little spring posy always used to wait for me in my room when I visited my parents over Easter, so it brings back memories of my Mum’s garden too!

  11. Love all three, especially the first and the last – blue and either white or yellow are so refreshing/zing together. My Spiraea arguta is flowering for the first time but looking a bit ‘unspringlike’ due to the hot season. I must remember the tip about bashing the ends of lilacs when mine are bigger. This vase for Monday is so inspiring generally … and yours were a treat

    • Thank you Cathy. We are now getting some cooler weather, so the Spiraea is still looking wonderful. I don’t have a lilac, but a neighbour told me she has fat buds on hers already so it will be flowering soon here too.

  12. Each is so sweet and pretty, but I particularly love that third one. I think it’s wonderful that you take the time to bring the beauty of your garden indoors. It takes time to arrange flowers, but the results are so nice and I think soothing. πŸ™‚

    • It seems the posy is the most popular – it is the epitomy of spring! The most soothing part of this activity was wandering around the garden looking for bits and pieces to cut. I’ll try and do it regularly!

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