Wildflower Honey

A couple of years ago I made some Pulmonaria honey, adding a few other flowers for colour. I did the same the other day using a variety of wild flowers from the garden…


The edible flowers I used included violets, daisies, brunnera, cowslips, pulmonaria, and wild strawberry.

Just make sure they are dry and then fill a sterile jar with a tight-fitting lid. Cover right to the brim with a mild clear honey, such as Acacia honey. Leave it on a sunny windowsill for a few weeks and turn frequently. It takes on a slightly spicy flavour, but the main attraction is the appearance.


Serving this up for breakfast really gets the day off to a good start, and I’m thinking of making some wildflower butter too.


Have a sunshiny Sunday!


49 thoughts on “Wildflower Honey

  1. I love your cakes, your pastries always look delicious and your other recipes make me ask what’s for dinner… but I’m going to pass on this one. The colors are pretty and the flowers look nice, but I just can’t get past the impression a moth or some other insect fell into the open honey pot. Sorry 🙂

    • I’m testing out some Douglas fir honey too… not sure if it will work but the new needles taste so delicous it’s worth trying to capture that flavour!

    • If you do make it have fun picking your flowers Chloris, and make sure to fill the jar as they do shrink once they soak up some of the honey! I think we may test ours on Easter Sunday… 😀

    • Thanks Cathy – the original idea came from a Bavarian TV programme a couple of years ago when most of my Pulmonarias had already gone over, so I just added some extras!

  2. What a gorgeous idea! I’ve been very tempted to take up beekeeping recently but, in the meantime, trying this would be fab. Those wild flowers look so pretty in the honey, very keen to give it a go.

  3. Now this is just gorgeous!! I’m going to have to try this.. once our Community Health foods brings in their little packages of edible flowers! Would pansy’s work as well?? If it’s successful, would you mind if I post it?? I will definitely link back to you here, Cathy. What a gorgeous idea! Can’t wait to see the Wildflower Butter!

    • It would be lovely to see your version of it Barbara! You need plenty of flowers as they shrivel up after a few hours in the honey. They still look pretty, especially when spread on some bread, but the photos need to be taken immediately for the Wow effect! I think you could use any little flower you like. I wanted to use rosemary flowers, but my bush has refused to bloom so far! Have fun! 😀

    • We are trying some with douglas fir needles next… so far it doesn’t taste of them, but we are hoping in a few weeks it will. The flower honey doesn’t look so pretty now, but has a slightly spicy taste to it already. 😀

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