The Lizard and the Chicken

Lacerta agilis (Sand Lizard)

  A European Protected Species

"What the.....?"

“What the…..?”


"Oh, it's a chicken! Tee hee."

“Oh, it’s a chicken! Tee hee.”

This is one of our residents, showing off a bit. The male sand lizard is usually as dull and brown as the female, but he sports lime green in spring to impress the ladies…


Very dapper!

He’s about 20cm long and can move extremely fast when alarmed (hence the “agilis” in his name?). But on a cool day the sun’s rays tempt him to just chill out and soak up the warmth.

Hope you get some warm sunshine this weekend to soak up too!


44 thoughts on “The Lizard and the Chicken

    • Hi Karen. He only turns green in spring, for a couple of months, and then he goes back to brownish grey, like the female. The females are usually a little fatter than the males so you can still tell the difference. He can’t change according to his environment – but he blends in pretty well anyway! Have a nice weekend Karen!

    • LOL! You should have seen his tongue coming out then – looked like he was licking his lips ready for dinner! (They are utterly and completely harmless though and would run if I got any nearer!)

    • His mate was just a few inches away, but hidden by some leaves, so I couldn’t get a photo. There are several in the garden, but these are the only pair I think. Happy weekend to you too Susie!

  1. Awesome pictures, and the photo of him trying to fend off the chicken is priceless! What a cool little companion to have in the garden, I love that your garden is such a welcoming refuge for them 🙂

    • Thanks Frank – I love having these little creatures as company while I’m working out there. I often stop just to watch them, and then they vanish again. Last year I watched one licking water droplets from an Alchemilla leaf… no camera on hand though! 😀

    • Thanks Julie – you too. That green is great camouflage for spring – it’s very green here already. Hope we get a drop of rain though as well. 😀

  2. I have to get out and look for mine 🙂 I love this funny green of the male. 🙂
    Today we have bright sunshine and the trees are almost green.
    Have a wonderful Sunday! Uta

    • I often see them, but rarely have my camera at hand at the right moment! There is quite a lot of activity in the rockery at the moment… Have a good Sunday Annette!

  3. My garden is full of lizards, I thought they just changed hue depending a bit on the background. Certainly they aren’t just green in spring so maybe it is a climate thing

    • You probably have the European Green Lizards (Lacerta viridis) then, which we don’t get in our region – too cold in winter perhaps. A shame as they are really pretty! There are hundreds of different ones, some changing colours slightly and others not at all.

    • He’s been keeping a low profile recently… maybe he attracted too much attention, as there are quite a few female lizards in the garden too! LOL!

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