Tuesday View (29th April), a Vase, and some Bits and Bobs

Last week the weather was wonderful, temperatures reaching the mid-twenties by Friday and Saturday. The garden was, however, begging for water… which we got on Sunday! It rained almost all day – lovely gentle warm rain – and you could almost see the plants growing. Today we are getting some more…

Today’s View



A Sunny April Afternoon in the Garden

On one of our walks around the garden last week the doggies and I “pawsed” for a rest… 😉


Daisies, Veronica, Dandelions, Potentilla and… paws!


Flowery Butter

I finally got around to making the flowery butter I had envisaged. This would look lovely if guests are coming!


(I softened a little butter and simply rolled it in some clean dry edible flowers and petals, forming a sausage shape. Wrapped in clingfilm and chilled it will then remain looking this pretty for a week or more. 😀 )


Fiddleheads with Flowery Butter

The ostrich ferns are now almost fully open – things are moving quickly since the rain. These are the young shoots, often known as “fiddleheads”…


The fiddleheads – the just emerging shoots of Matteuccia struthiopteris – were a disappointment. Raw they taste delicious, but several internet sources recommend cooking them for safety reasons. They taste a little green, and that’s it. 😦


And a Monday Vase on a Tuesday!

The poor light yesterday meant my photos were appalling, so here’s my second attempt a day late…


Ajuga, various grasses, Pulsatilla seedheads, Sanguisorba and Euphorbia polychroma…


Drop by Cathy’s site, Rambling in the Garden where she’s got another lovely vase on offer this week, and links to all those joining in with her meme “In a Vase on Monday”.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my Butterfly Diary for April – please share what’s been spotted in your part of the world, even if you don’t have any pictures!

That’s all folks!

Have a great week!