In a Vase on Monday: Welcome May!

The last deep red tulip, the first aquilegias, an iris, Geranium phaeum…

… and a beautiful sunny day!


I am still loving hunting for things to put in a vase every Monday for Cathy’s meme “In a Vase on Monday”. In fact I often think  about it days ahead… One of the hardest parts of joining in, however, is getting a good photo!


I really love the aquilegias and Geranium phaeum together. Thanks goes to Anne (Green Tapestry) there for the inspiration – in her vase last week she used Geranium phaeum in combination with bluebells and cow parsley – gorgeous!

Cathy’s vase uses aquilegia this week too – lots of them! Take a look at her lovely post, and why not join in?


37 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Welcome May!

    • Thanks Julie. I have never cut any of these flowers for a vase before – not even a tulip! So it’s completely new territory for me!

    • Hi Sarah. Well, it’s day 3 and the geranium still look lovely, although quite a few petals have fallen. Just a few fill a vase up nicely and give other flowers support, so I recommend you give it a try! 😀

  1. What a lovely country vase Cathy! I will be interested to learn how the geranium lasts – I have never cut it for a vase (although I am sure I will be trying it this year!). It is nice to see the tulip – I am always sad when the tulip season is over.

    • Julie, quite a few petals have dropped off the geranium, but it still looks fresh and pretty on day 3, so definitely one to use again. I feel that way about tulip season too… sigh. 😉

    • I’m sure it would Jason. It’s very robust and easy to grow – loves a warm spot, but isn’t fussy about soil, withstands drought and extremely cold winters, and seeds itself everywhere, but not in an agressive way. Great ground cover if you cut it right back after flowering too.

  2. Happy May Cathy. I love your cheerful combination with Aquilegias and Geranium phaeum (had to look up the Geranium. Does it grow wild for your? Am going to look for some native geraniums to include in my garden).

    • Not originally a native, but it is well-established in the wild here now too…. I haven’t seen any of this particular geranium near us in the wild, but it loves our conditions and the flowers are so pretty. I hope you find some nice ones for your garden too Susie!

  3. Aquilegias are completely unknown to me! I just love this arrangement. It has a very old-fashioned quality that really does well in a vase, appearing unstructured and almost like an arrangement a child would pick and bring home to their mum. I absolutely love it!

    • Aquilegias arerelated to the American Columbine… I wonder of that grows in your region? I agree, it’s a kind of old-fashioned “cottage garden” plant that always looks good wherever you plant it (or it plants itself!). 😀

  4. You are most welcome Cathy 🙂 I only emptied the contents of my vase on to the compost heap yesterday afternoon so it lasted for a good few days. The colours of your flowers are most attractive and compliment each other so well. I especially like how the variegated geranium leaf picks up on the colours of some of the flowers.

    • My vase from last week is till looking lovely too! Wild flowers and grasses seem to last very well. That’s an interesting point about the leaves picking out the colour… I hadn’t noticed that, at least not consciously! Thanks Anna!

  5. Such a lovely combination of colours! My “Iris sibirica” and Aquilegias are just opening too. Love these plants very much! Have a sunny day, Cathy!

    • Thank you Elisabeth! The aquilegias are such lovely flowers… I wonder what colours you’ve got? We’ll have to swap a few seeds again! Have a lovely day!

      • I´ve got aquilegias in dark blue, red, pink, pale pink and almost white. It seems as if these lovely flowers vary colours…

  6. Beautiful tribute to spring Cathy, I love these colours together. Like you I find getting the photograph even harder than finding flowers. It was clear when I took the photo in my MIL’s light filled room how different to Italian houses built to keep the strong sun out!

    • I wandered around the whole house before going outside with this vase! LOL! I think we’ll learn a lot about “vase” photography this year! 😀

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    • I often forget how lovely the aquilegias are until they open. I always think of the poppies as a May flower, and the irises too of course.

  8. That’s really pretty, I am about to order some geranium phaeum, I love them – actually I love most geraniums! I do like the way you can combine flowers in a vase that could never grow in the same bed and look so good, either becuase they need different conditions or because they are dramtically different heights.

    • That’s a very good point Janet, about new combinations in vases that don’t work in the flower beds… This weekly meme is getting me thinking! I should love another colour G. phaeum, but the last one I planted became purple like the others in the second year…

    • Thanks Kris! You know, I hadn’t actually noticed the foliage colours worked so well together, but you are absolutely right, and I must consider that in future vases! 😀

  9. Intriguing how our vases have a common thread to them this week – and don’t your geranium go well with the aquilegua? I noticed mine were flowering so it interesting to see you use yours and to hear the discussion on how long things last. – my heuchera leaves lasted the whole week. It’s a good way of using stray tulips, particularly as they near the end of the season and it picks up the colour of the G phaeum. Thanks for joining in again!

    • Thank you Cathy. I enjoyed it again this week – nice seeing what all the others have in their gardens to pick too! I shall make a note that heuchera last well – they also add a nice touch of colour to a vase. I’m so glad I picked a tulip as the rest have now gone over completely. I just looked at my last week’s vase again, thinking I’d redo what is left, but it really doesn’t need any attention and still looks lovely after 10 days!

      • That’s brilliant – I found some of my winter greenery lasted for more than a week too (not that we need to think of wintery greenery for a long time yet!!)

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