Tuesday View (6th May) and a Blooming May!

We had lots of rain, lots of sunshine and a couple of cool nights last week, and the garden seems to be soaking up this wonderful mix and rewarding me with lush greens and blooms!

Today’s view:


The first of the early peonies opened on Friday…


This one isn’t scented and flowers about 2 or 3 weeks before the others. I think all the shades of green behind it (euphorbia, goldenrod foliage etc set it off well).


The irises also opened last week, one by one, despite the showers…



The Aquilegias are opening too…


Sometimes known as Granny’s Bonnets – wouldn’t you just love to have a hat like this! 😉


You can see the large Centranthus buds on the left of this pink aquilegia too – again, much earlier than usual.


 Dicentra Spectablis ‘Alba’

(The nursery where I order plants still calls it Dicentra!)


If the weather remains cool this dicentra will last well into summer, unlike the pink one I have in a shadier spot. If you grow dicentras, how long do they last in your climate?


Geranium phaeum gets better and better. If the ground dries up too much or if the sun is too hot it tends to flag and look untidy, but conditions have been ideal this spring. This one has variegated leaves and deep purple flowers, but some of mine have developed plain leaves somehow.


When they start going over I cut some right back and the foliage is good ground cover. Others produce a few flowers continuously through the summer. Is that normal? Some of these went into my vase yesterday, and I loved the effect…


Another geranium that started flowering a couple of weeks ago, providing excellent camouflage for wilting tulip and daffodil foliage, is Geranium macrorrhizum


This is a plant to take care with, as it can be a bit of a thug. In my dry spots it is such a valuable addition, and the pink flowers are lovely too. Janet at Plantalicious recently showed a picture of her white one – Geranium macrorrhizum ‘Album’ – which I am quite taken with!


And the star is this poppy, which opened on Monday…


The colour is so incredibly intense in the sunshine!


The rain was good for the plants on the one hand, but as always wet weather also has its downsides…



What colour is there near you this week?

And do you have snails or slugs? Or both?!