Beyond the Garden Gate in May

Beyond the garden gate there is a lovely meadow, left to grow until early June, when it will be cut for hay.


This year the dandelions were less profuse, making room for moon daisies and meadow sage, clover, buttercups and many grasses, but it was the harebells that drew me in…


Several different kinds grow nearby, and can be seen all through the summer along the roadsides, nodding lazily in the breeze as we rush past… such romantic little flowers!


Campanula patula

This one has pointed petals unlike the more well-known harebell Campanula rotundifolia (the Scottish bluebell). I call them all harebells, but Wikipedia calls these “bellflowers”…



I love the fair lilies and roses so gay,
They are rich in their pride and their splendor;
But still more do I love to wander away
To the meadow so sweet,
Where down at my feet,
The harebell blooms modest and tender.

by Dora Read Goodale – Queen Harebell.


Do harebells grow near you too?


Have great weekend!