Tuesday View (13th May)

Have you been having such temperamental weather too? One minute we have black skies, blustery winds and rain or even hail, and the next minute the sun is shining strongly again, like in this photo of the view today…


A large mouse tunnel had made one of the poppies droop, and on inspection I found that the rock in the centre of the rockery was loose and needed resetting… what fun with practically no footholds in that spot and nice muddy soil… I took the opportunity to plant a new Geranium ‘Rozanne’ while I was there. This is what I call vertical gardening! LOL!


In the front garden my Centaurea montana has been flowering beautifully. It is in a very shady spot under the yew, and usually gets either blackfly or mildew, or both… I’m keeping my fingers crossed as it’s looking very healthy so far.


Do you have problems with mildew on certain plants? Any tips for treating it?