Tuesday View (20th May)

Since yesterday our temperatures have soared and we have gone from jackets and socks to shorts and bare feet… now that feels good!


Here’s today’s view with the blue sky and harsh light of midday…


…and here with the slightly less glaring late afternoon sun…


The oriental poppies will now gradually take the stage and the new lavender buds are such a gorgeous lime green. The Centranthus are also opening, and the bees and butterflies are already in the queue! The peony at the top, above the Euonymous, will be a white one, and it smells lovely right next to the patio.

I also want to show you the nice surprise I got last week…


This iris must have been dormant for at least 8 years, waiting for the right conditions to flower again. The place it stands was originally a stream – long gone – but I had noticed the leaves before. It must be some kind of water iris. This year’s mild winter and pleasantly damp spring encouraged it to flower. I bet it won’t like the heat this week though!

Have you ever had a plant suddenly pop up like that?

Have a wonderful week!