In a Vase on Monday: In the Pink!

Okay, my first vase is actually not a vase… and it doesn’t contain water either, but vinegar!


Last week my chives began to flower. I love using them in salads, and had already decided to try preserving some of them too; I bought some good organic white wine vinegar and waited for the sun to shine. And then Marie posted this… Thanks Marie! This is foolproof, and after just a few days it tastes so good!

(If you want to try making it, visit Marie’s post at My Little Corner of Rhode Island)


ย Today thunderstorms, hail and heavy rain were forecast, and the white peonies had just started opening yesterday, so I cut two white ones and one sugar candy pink peony to float in a large bowl. As I write the scent is wonderful…


I experimented with a different colour background too… and added a few Veronica petals… so romantic!


Neither have names, but I think the white one should be called “Raspberry Ripple”. Mmmm, looks good enough to eat!


The storm did come – how glad I am I cut these! We had absolutely torrential rain and extremely strong wind, and the peony plants are all looking the worse for wear… I shall inspect the damage more closely in daylight tomorrow!

ย Thank you to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting “In a Vase on Monday”, which challenges us to find flowers for cutting from our own gardens… it is a very enjoyable challenge too! Take a look at some of the others this week linking in to her site here.

Hope your weather is calmer than ours!


63 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: In the Pink!

    • Oh how I wish I could send you some Susie! It is pounding down again now, with hail mixed in. I cut some more peonies this morning… luckily hardly any damage!

  1. How lovely to have both your contributions – your chive vinegar is a great example of ‘thinking out of the box’ for the meme, even without those beautiful peonies which I have to say are absolutely PERFECT. Just pristine, and floating them is such a good idea ๐Ÿ™‚ I suppose they won’t be quite the same after your storm so what a good idea to cut them first – several of us have used weather damaged plant material today in one way or another. I didn’t realise peonies had a scent, so I shall make a point of sniffing mine if I have any flowers from it this year. Thanks for joining in

    • Thanks Cathy! I think the scent of some peonies is so delicate you only notice it indoors. I had to cut some more this morning to lighten the stems that are drenched. It’s bucketing it down again now! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. Good work! You saved the peonies from being turned into a soggy mass, and they look great in the bowl. The preserved chive flowers are a great idea, I’d like to try them.

    • I just hope the rest of the peonies can wait until our weather calms down… minimal damage yesterday, but it’s pouring again now!

  3. That actually looks really gorgeous Cathy, great presentation and a lovely photo. We had masses of rain this weekend and my only Peony with 5 flowers has not yet opened (its on its final, final warning!) Then I shall replace with another hopefully more productive peony.

    • Thank you Julie. The garden desperately needed rain, but not all this in one go! Hope your peony performs and doesn’t get the chop!

  4. Those peonies are spectacular! And I love chive blossom vinegar – I made my first batch last year and when the chive flowers are ready again, I’m definitely going to prepare another. Yum! (Very good in potato salad).

  5. I’m going to have to get some chives going here so I can make my own vinegar!
    The peonies look great, I have a big double pink coming along and even on a not so stormy day I think they’re better off cut for enjoying indoors.

    • Definitely. I only wish I had more chives, and may go and buy myself a big plant as they take so long from seed. There are so many buds on my white peonies I’m worried the weight of the rainwater will break the stems. Keeping my fingers crossed! (And shaking the rainwater off at regular intervals!)

  6. I have never tried chive blossom vinegar, I might have to give this a try. What ids your favorite food to use it on? Your peony are beautiful, I especially like the sugar candy pink peony. I am glad you got some rain but I hate you had heavy rain with thunder storms and hope that you don’t have any damage.

  7. I’m a bit sad, my chive flowers have already finished so you’ll have to try to remind me next year about this recipe, it looks very pretty in the jar. What would you use them for? The peonies are superb! The white one looks to me like it is splashed with blood, but perhaps I’ve been watching too many murder stories! Raspberry ripple is much more innocent.

    • That’s a shame. I’m going to make potato salad this week, and for salad dressings too. Maybe I should call the peony something more dramatic, like “Bloody Bloomer”! LOL!

  8. Your raspberry ripple is beautiful. I like the idea of the peony heads in the dish. I did not cut my peonies and now have very bedraggled heads to match a lot of my bedraggled roses. We have been having very heavy rain. Amelia

    • It’s always hard to take the secateurs to a peony, but I was so glad I did yesterday! Your rain has come our way too and we have heavy thundery showers again this evening. Still, looking on the bright side, the thirsty garden is drinking it up. Hope you get some sunshine Amelia!

  9. Chive blossom vinegar? Well there’s a novel way of using chive flowers and it looks pretty too.
    I love your peonies floating in a bowl. Fabulous. Your Raspberry Ripple is actually Peony festiva maxima but Raspberry Ripple is a much better name for it!

    • Thanks Chloris! That’s what Marian thinks too, so I trust you experts! I’m wondering if i can cut the buds when still closed and then they will flower indoors…. any idea if that works?

  10. A very pink post! Don’t the peonies look good against the dark pink background? Thanks for the reminder about the chive vinegar… off to gather some flowers now, before I forget again.

    • I wonder what you will use your chive vinegar for. I am going to make potato salad this week, as we have local new potatoes coming in the shops now!

  11. Sooooooo weird! I just put up a container of chive blossom vinegar this morning! (I notice you do use your rubber seal–I wondered whether or not to do that with the acid in the vinegar so I just put glass top on without–what do you think? Only for the 3 day sit and then I planned to put in new container.) Did you make chive butter, too? I wish now I had planted more chives just so I could have more flowers. They taste so delicious right off the plant, too!!! Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Great minds think alike! I didn’t think about the seals, but the rubber isn’t in contact with the vinegar unless I shake it, so I suppose it will be ok. I wish I had more chives too! I love the peppery flowers just to munch on while weeding! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Your beautiful peonies in a bowl are a delight of the eyes – such romantic colours (white, pink and blue).I love these colours, these flowers, these pictures for the soul…

  13. Those peonies do look good enough to eat – just like a bowl of berries and cream ice cream! The chive blossoms was an inspired choice for your “vase” too.

  14. Cool idea for a vase, these floating chive flowers! And the peonies are not bad either…just waiting for this April weather to go so that I can make elderflower cordial and vinegar.

    • Our elderflowers are only just opening, but I’ll be joining you in a week or so making cordial! I have never tried vinegar, but I often make liqueur too. Hope your weather improves soon Annette!

  15. I can imagine that the chive vinegar would have a good flavour Cathy. I’ve eaten chive flowers but had not thought of using them that way. Those floating peonies look good enough to eat ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. So romantic indeed, i love how you have thrown some veronica petals in there too. So creative. I love those white peonies with the bit of pink to them in the centre. OH LA LALA!! I WISHy WIshy!

    • I had to bring the peonies indoors as the rain was spoiling everything – and the house smells wonderful! We had so much rain I kept thinking how unfair the world is when your region is so parched… our rain has stopped this morning though and it promises to warm up again in the next few days. Have a great weekend Debra!

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